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I Am Excited To Announce The Start Of Chic Influencer

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I’ve always considered myself an accidental entrepeneur. I never saw myself as owning a business, but somewhere between feeling consummed with excel budget sheets, and pinching pennies, I started getting really curious about how anyone actually got ahead. So many women live wondering this same question but have no idea how to actually start working…

The Real Reason I Actually Started My Own Business

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Over the past six years, I’ve lived my life out loud running a Beachbody coaching business. I’ve shared the high and lows of growing my business online while working full-time as a teacher, throughout a pregnancy, battling stage 4  cancer, and still making time for my philanthropic passions. Understandably, I’ve been asked on more than…

2016 Invitation to be Awesome: Golden Egg Opportunity

Another year coming to an end and another year upon us. For me, it’s always been a welcome opportunity to reflect on the struggles and the accomplishments throughout the year. Ya know, 2015 has been a year filled with it’s own obstacles. After battling cancer throughout 2014, I thought that finding my footing would happen…