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I Am Excited To Announce The Start Of Chic Influencer

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I’ve always considered myself an accidental entrepeneur. I never saw myself as owning a business, but somewhere between feeling consummed with excel budget sheets, and pinching pennies, I started getting really curious about how anyone actually got ahead. So many women live wondering this same question but have no idea how to actually start working…

The Real Reason I Actually Started My Own Business

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Over the past six years, I’ve lived my life out loud running a Beachbody coaching business. I’ve shared the high and lows of growing my business online while working full-time as a teacher, throughout a pregnancy, battling stage 4  cancer, and still making time for my philanthropic passions. Understandably, I’ve been asked on more than…

When She’s Rooting for You to Fail

overcoming rejection, business tips, overcoming comparison, mlm, direct sales, social media business,beachbody business

3 tips for coping with negative reactions to your success and overcoming rejection Can we talk briefly about overcoming rejection?  Often we describe someone who disapproves or passively judges our success as “hater.” However, I don’t think the right term is “haters.” I don’t think it’s a “hate” thing.  In fact with complete transparency, I…