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2B Mindset Results Are More Than Just Physical

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For the last few weeks, I have been participating in a weight-loss test group focusing around my newest elimination experience offering, the 2B Mindset Weight Loss Program, which is now available for purchase by clicking here.   The 2B Mindset results are, no doubt, more than just physical. 2B Mindset is a program created by nutritionist, Ilana…

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Weight Loss and {FREE} Small Win Downloadable

It’s a new year and like us, perhaps you are leaning into that weight loss resolution. This is the year YOU lose the weight. 2018 is the year YOU finally give up the diet and actually enjoy the veggies.  Right now is the year YOU commit to working out 6 days a week, and then……

The Elimination Experience: Created with the Yo-Yo Dieters in Mind

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What started as a little accountability with a partner, The Elimination Experience has turned into an incredible weight loss and mindset revolution.   What is the Elimination Experience?  I am little over one week into The Elimination Experience that I am running with a few of my coaches. It’s been a unique, challenging, and amazing…

2B Mindset Weight-Loss Program

· The Focus of the Elimination Experience ·

2B Mindset, Ilana Muhstein, elimination experience, weight-loss, emotional eating

My company has FINALLY developed a program called 2B Mindset, which is a weight loss program that focuses on emotional eating.  It is a program that focuses first on the “Why” not the how,  and focuses on those triggers that make it hard to lose weight  It’s like #ESM and health and mindset collided in a…