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July 6, 2017 Comments Off on Talk Shift: The Shift Shop Ebook
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Your Gift from me, Your Shift Shop Coach

It’s kinda funny how this whole writing an ebook thing came about. 
It actually came to me after reading a post that really placed blame and hit where it hurt. 

Ever read a post that makes you feel kinda, maybe, for lack of better phrase,”called out”?

I read a post and immediately my mind went to, “Wait. What? Is this about me? Did I not do my job? Did I not support? Holy cow? How did I drop the ball? Where did I go wrong?”

Immediate tailspin.
And then something clicked.

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Beachbody Shift Shop Agility Markers

Change is hard.
Change is down right freaking hard.
Ownership is even harder.

Yep accountability matters, it’s been crucial in my own journey. But at the end of the day no matter what type of coaching you receive, you are the only one to make the choices.

  • You have to motivate yourself.
  • You are the one who decides what to eat.
  • You are the one who decides to push play.
  • You are the only one in control of your health and fitness.
  • You are the one who prioritizes.
  • And sometimes you DON’T feel like it .

No one,
I mean NO ONE can care about you more than you do.

And that is where the ebook comes in. 

Wait? Did I Miss Something? What is the Shift Shop?  How can I join your virtual Shift Shop Launch Group? 
It’s ok! Let’s start here.  First you should know that I spent six weeks in a test group before the program launches to others. So I have an inside scoop into the program and what the “mindset shift” is all about!
****Please read this before moving on! Fill out the application to be considered!
shift shop ebook, katy ursta, chris downing, new beachbody program, summit 2017, shift hop
My 2 Round Shift Shop Transformation

What is the Talk Shift Ebook?

“Before the Before” -Achieveing Lasting Results

The Talk Shift Ebook is a free, downloadable book for my Shift Shop Launch Group Participants.

We’re going to dive beyond the surface level of our weight loss struggles and talk about the triggers behind our body-image issues.

This is deeper than “Oh I want to lose a few pounds because I want to just be healthy.” We are gonna dive into what’s the real struggle. Why do we really crave? What’s the reason I sneak down to the freezer at night and eat the ice cream?

We will touch on how we “became the before” picture, our current eating habits, our mindset, our priorities as well as how we allow food to become our source of comfort.  Getting to the root of our struggles will help us make the LASTING shift.


Why did I NEED to write this Talk Shift Ebook?

✅I see the trend of people starting and stopping.
✅I see the trend of people refusing to invest in themselves because they’ve made their mind up that “it” won’t work.
✅ I see the fail of failure leaves people with a “I’m fine” (but not really) mindset.
✅I see the trend of people who would rather blame a circumstance than rise above.
✅ Because I know that girl. I was that girl.  And my job sometimes is to say the hard things.

shift shop ebook, katy ursta, chris downing, new beachbody program, summit 2017, shift hop
Shift Shop Ebook, Your Free Gift


Is the Shift Shop the Right Fit For You? 

I do believe the Shift Shop Workout is for ANYONE, ALL levels of fitness.  There are easy to follow mofidications, and the program lends itself to ramping up throughout. My suggestion would be to read through this, and make sure you meet all the requirements.
I want to note the following as well.
✅I am not able to invest time into those who aren’t willing to dig into their mindset behind the Shift.
✅I100% match effort. The effort you put in is what you’ll get out. I will match what you are willing to give.
✅This is going to take work, ownership, and a lot of why power.

✅The workouts are only part of the program.  Nutrition is the other part.  I will teach you how to make healthier choices so that the nutritional plan becomes a lifestyle, not a trend, fad or a diet.

shift shop ebook, katy ursta, chris downing, new beachbody program, summit 2017, shift hop
Chris Downing Leading a LIVE Workout

Here’s what I guarantee.

✅I wrote this ebook for you because I know what it takes to make a shift. You WILL make a shift.
✅This WILL work if you work.
✅The results will happen fast, and they will last if you own it, and decide to commit to the Shift.
✅ Money back.  Guarantee.

Specifics of the Ebook:

✅Contains 10 pages of real shift talk from my personal experience as a test group participant

✅ Links to other resources including my meal plans and my suggested reading materials
✅ Personal testimonials, meal planning,  and inspiration for your own Shift Journey
To apply now complete the online form, and reserve your spot. I will respond within 24 hours. 

*I am only able to work with those not enrolled with or working with a Teambeachbody Coach or my current customers/coaches.

Fill out my online form.

*E-book is a One Fit Fighter Exclusive Product.

Katy Ursta