COACH SPOTLIGHT SERIES: Stephanie and Ben Miller

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beachbody success stories, what is beachbody, beachbody coach couples, beachbody spouse supportIt’s that time again! It’s time to spotlight another rockstar coach on the Knockout Brigade!  This time I wanted to  share a success story of a power couple really moving their business in the right direction!  They are all about raising the bar, and setting a high standard for their team! Please help me congratulate Stephanie and Ben Miller for achieving the Coach Spotlight of the Week! Here’s a closer glimpse into their Team Beachbody Coaching Business. 

What accomplishments are you most proud of at this point in your business and can you give us a glimpse of life outside of Beachbody? 
Steph: Ben just officially went Diamond today and I became an emerald coach!! We have been working towards this for quite a while now and are super stoked about it.

beachbody success stories, what is beachbody, beachbody coach couples, beachbody spouse support
New Diamond Coach:  Ben Miller!


Outside of BB? Well, I was a successful leader for many years at a major health insurance company. I managed teams of up to 40 in both Customer Service and Product Development. I left that job almost 1 year ago to be a full-time mommy to our little girl, Julia. I am also now, let’s say, a part-time coach; but when Julia goes to kindergarten in the Fall – it’s on, baby.
Ben still works for the same company (that’s actually how we met 10 years ago!) as an Architect in their ISD department. He talks all sorts of technical, smarty-pants nonsense that I have no idea at all what he’s saying. Ben is a super intelligent guy, which is just one of many things I love and admire about him!
Don’t forget part-time Diamond Beachbody coach, too!
BEN: As far as hobbies, we like to do as much as we can as a family, especially on the weekends when I’m home with my girls. Movies and going out to eat are what we probably enjoy most, other than very competitive games of Go Fish and Memory with Julia’s Shopkins cards. We also have a lot of activities that Julia is involved in. She loves dance and t-ball, and I especially enjoy watching her play t-ball since I played baseball all throughout my childhood and college years.

But I also get to do a ballet dance with her at her dance recital. Oh yeah! Don’t you wish you could be there to see that?

beachbody success stories, what is beachbody, beachbody coach couples, beachbody spouse support

Every coach has a story to tell! Can you share with the team a little about how you became a coach? What drew you to the opportunity? 

Steph – I was the first one to become a coach back in July of 2015. I initially only did it for the discount, but over time I was really enjoying the interaction and comraderie in the challenge groups I was in. Also, a lot of people were asking me what I was doing to lose weight, and I found myself sharing in a “selling” kind of way – not in a bad way, though! Just meaning, I was really promoting the products because they were working for me. But I never really put myself out there as a coach until the following year when I ran my first free group, and then shortly thereafter, my first 21 Day Fix challenge group.

Ben- Yeah, then a few months later, I started to become involved more. I was really paying attention to the numbers side of things and found the whole compensation plan very interesting. I was intrigued to learn more and Steph and I started talking more about it, too. Then before I knew it, I was a coach myself. And the rest is history now, I guess!
beachbody success stories, what is beachbody, beachbody coach couples, beachbody spouse support

How long have you been coaching? 

Ben: since August 2016 for me, so about 9 months?

Steph: I have been supporting Ben during his 9 months, so if I don’t count the first year or so I was a coach, I’ve now just been a coach for about 2 months.


What personal development are you currently reading? 

Ben: I don’t read. Steph: (laughs) No seriously, he really doesn’t! I am listening to Girl Code on audio, and very slowwwwly reading Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. I read way too slow.

Can you share a little about the challenge groups you run? How do you help your challengers achieve results? Is there anything you do that’s a bit different than a standard challenge group? 

Steph: We have a great group of challengers. We keep the vets and newbies all in one group, which works for us because the vets can show the newbies the ropes. It’s pretty much all women other than Ben (some of the other hubbies have made appearances, too!) and they all love his goofy comments he makes from time to time. As far as content though, we always try to keep it “fresh.” Our group loves getting new recipes, too (especially for Shakeology!) so we incorporate a lot of that!

Let’s talk goals! Each month we set personal goals for ourselves that are slightly outside the comfort zone and challenge us! What’s a business goal you’ve set for yourself this month? What tips do you have for coaches about goal setting? 

Ben: Hit SC 14 so we get an invite to that Summit party! April was a tough month for some reason so we have some catching up to do.

Steph: Achieve SC and sign 2 more coaches. Time to shoot for the stars for me (or Diamond). With goal setting, you have to stretch while still remaining realistic. We know right now for us coaching is still a part-time thing. My first priority and focus is Julia, while I have this dedicated time with her before she starts school. So I set goals that are realistic given our current situation. Everyone’s situation is different and therefore your goals will be different. And that’s ok! Be you, do you.

It goes without saying that there is no such thing as a straight shot to success. From the outside, people might think you’ve got it all figured out! Can you share a setback you’ve had and how you overcame it? 

Steph: I am at the “bottom” of Ben’s downline. Due to extenuating circumstances, that’s just how things worked out. But we’ve been able to overcome it by staying focused on the goals we have, balancing out work life with family stuff, and a lot of patience, too. It’s all about mindset. It didn’t happen quite as quickly as we would have liked, but everything happens for a reason, right?

beachbody success stories, what is beachbody, beachbody coach couples, beachbody spouse support



Just for fun, if you could go back to your first week or month as a coach, what would you tell yourself??? OR what mistake did you make then that you can laugh about now. 

Steph: OMG don’t post the link!!! (Laughs). Pretty sure every brand new coach has done that!!

If you would like to reach out to Stephanie and Ben Miller, click here.

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