I am so excited to announce the coach spotlight this week as an up and coming leader in my organization. Over the past month I’ve had an opportunity to work a little more closely with Melissa in leadership groups, and she is a NATURAL MOTIVATOR. She’s one of those rare coaches who inspires you to constantly push yourself outside the comfort zone.  She leads with heart and grit a consistent SC earner and a top recruiter!  There’s no doubt in my mind that she and her team are going to be doing incredible things!

Melissa Spearing has a background in healthcare and a love for the outdoors-hunting, fishing, hiking- you name it. She’s a busy mom of two energetic boys and competes in the International Defensive Pistol Association. She calls it therapy. I  call it bad ass. 

Check out what Melissa has to say about building a successful Beachbody business!

Every coach has a story to tell! Melissa, can you share with us a little about how you became a coach? What drew you to the opportunity? *

When I was pregnant with my second son I had started to silently follow my now coach. Just basically chasing my curiosity of what she was up to and what these groups were about that she was running.

I had my son in March of 2016 and all the sudden mommy life of 2, full time job, and being a wife completely consumed me. 
I’m a Crohns Disease warrior and found myself in such a huge flare up that I was afraid to go to my doctor because I just knew the outcome could potentially be surgery. After some internal battles (I can do this own, I don’t want to pay that much) I purchased my first challenge pack and was placed into my first challenge group. 

All the sudden I was surrounded with people who had similar goals, were so uplifting, and just pushed you to be better than you were the day before. There was no drama. There was no negativity. I found a community of support that I wasn’t looking for and didn’t even realize I was lacking! All the sudden I felt like I had found ME again. I wasn’t just Adam and Ethans mom or Chris’ wife. I was MELISSA. 

I noticed a spike in my energy, my Crohn’s Disease calmed down, I had started to develop a more positive outlook on life, my entire attitude shifted from stressed, overworked, tired to excited, energized, and CONFIDENT! I immediately became addicted to this feeling and was going to do anything I could to hang onto it and help someone else feel the same way. By the time my second week of the group hit I was half way through the coach application before I even called my coach to tell her I wanted to coach!

What personal development are you currently reading? 

Fanatical Prospecting

Can you share a little about the challenge groups you run? How do you help your challengers achieve results? Is there anything you do that’s a bit different than a standard challenge group? 

I focus a lot of my groups on mindset and constantly look for challenges that will help increase confidence, sometimes get a little silly, and show people that being healthy can be fun! I have so much more interaction in my groups when people are doing a “plank in a strange place” challenge rather than throwing facts at them. I push at their pace. If they are super new to this and want to focus on their diet and then trickle in the workouts then I roll with it!

If you could select a motivational quote that inspires you and truly reveals your coaching style what would it be? *

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs; the future can be better than the present and I have the power to make it so!”

Let’s talk goals! Each month we set personal goals for ourselves that are slightly outside the comfort zone and challenge us! What’s a business goal you’ve set for yourself this month? What tips do you have for coaches about goal setting? *

This month I set a business goal of diamond rank, success club10, and 5 new coaches. My year end goal is 5 star diamond! My biggest tip for goal setting is GO BIG! If it doesn’t scare you a little then you need to re-evaluate. Nothing new ever came out of a comfort zone so GET FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE! Learn how to feed on that adrenaline, and let it fuel you!

On the KB we talk a lot about having a WHY that pulls you towards your vision of success. WHY do you coach? What’s driving you forward? *

The biggest thing pushing me forward that forces me to push even when I don’t want to is my kids. I am away from them for 10+ hours a day working. I’ve managed to miss almost every first and that feeling, that regret never goes away. As they get older, if I continued to settle for what society deems acceptable I’ll be missing even more. Football, hockey, whatever they are into! I want to be home with them and provide financially so that I can show them life is more than just getting by!

Just for fun, if you could go back to your first week or month as a coach, what would you tell yourself??? OR what mistake did you make then that you can laugh about now. *

If I could go back to my first week I would tell myself not to be embarrassed and timid to tell people my goals! I felt almost ashamed of wanting what wasn’t the 9-5 life and building this life by design that hiding my goals held me back. Once I laid it out for my family and friends and was honest with myself I felt so much more free to push for those goals!

Thank you so much Melissa for allowing me to share your story! I love learning from you and seeing that spark!  You are incredible!

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Katy Ursta