Whole 30: 4 Kitchen Absolute Must Haves

January 29, 2017 Comments Off on Whole 30: 4 Kitchen Absolute Must Haves

When you get ready tackle Whole 30 head on, you might want consider a few of these gadgets to make sure your meal prep is as easy as possible!

Spiralizer Craving pasta much?  I get it!  I know for me this was a little adjustment, but the spiralizer can make amazing “pasta’  from your favorite veggies, inclduing sweet potatoes and zucchini!  Mike and I also make a lot of sweet potato spirals, and the kids love them!

Vitamix:  A little pricier but well worth the investment!  Mike and I used to use this simply for our shakes in the morning.  Now we use it for everything from soups to sauces!  It comes in handy as a processor and blends the perfect consistency, especially for my butternut squash soup.

Veggie Chopper: Lock the lid, pull the cord and you are set to dice and slice!  The veggie chopper is easy to clean.  Easy to use and easy to chop! Fruits, nuts, and boneless meats! The chopper gets the job done!

Garlic Press:  Simple to use and easy to grip! With the Whole 30 plan, you are going to be using plenty of garlic, and a press is the best way to maximize flavor.

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