Well, let’s do this again, shall we! So excited to dive into Beachbody’s newest program, Core De Force!

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Day One! Let’s do this!

Core De Force is an explosive mixed martial arts-inspired total body workout designed by Beachbody Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews to blast fat and carve your waist in just 30 days – No equipment needed.

I’ve had quite a few opportunities to test out the program through live workotus, and early previews, but I wanted to officially begin the process with my challengers!

SO today marks day one of my thirty day journey!

Who Starts A Program Right Before the Holiday Season???
That’s one of the biggest objections I get from so many of my clients! They have concerns that the holidays are too busy to take time to themselves and they worry about the temptation at every corner! I totally get it. But one of the coolest things about this program is that it is designed to allow you to indulge without going overboard! It helps me so much to see my results in the work and not WANT to go overboard!

Not to mention, I love the feeling of being comfortable at parties! I am more concerned with great conversation with family and friends instead of what appetizers I want!

And trust me! I know that the holiday season comes quite a lot of traveling! This week I am off to San Jose for a leadership event, and I am so glad I have my workouts and on the go shakeology to help me stay on track! Just grab, shake and go! So easy!

When do I Find the Time to Workout?
For this program, I have scheduled my workouts for the first thing in the morning after my devotional! I head down to the gym around 5:30 am before the rest of the family is awake! I love having that time to myself to focus on my own goals and not the demands of the day!

I tell my challengers to always schedule workouts like they would a doctor’s appointment! In fact that is one of my greatest tips, but I wanted to share a few others if you are thinking about diving into a new program! Check it out!

core de force workout, new les mills workout, what is core de force, core de force femal results, katy ursta, one fit fighter, every sweat matters
Check out Lindsay’s Results!

Tips for a Successful Week ONE:

1. Get Started! You will receive a calendar, the container system for easy nutritional planning, the workouts, and me as your coach! Within the challenge group, I walk you through all the first, often scary steps of achieving long terms results. Here’s more information about the kit selections! Make sure to check out the equipment you need for the program!

2. Set yourself up for success by identifying the meal plan that’s perfect for you. Using an inventory of questions, based on your current weight, your goals, and your lifestyle, you will identify how many containers to consume, daily! Below you find a sample of my week one meal plan! They make this part simple!

3. Take those Before Pictures
I know. I know. A lot of people talk about the dreaded pictures and some people never actually take them. If there is one thing I must absolutely, without a doubt tell you again and again YOU MUST DO THIS. Here’s the deal- the program works. Follow the meal plan. Follow the workout schedule and you will see results. Too often though we depend on the scale as our only measurement of success.
Use all three of these systems to really judge your results upon completion. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did! Here are some more reasons why Before Pictures will Keep You on Track!

4. Schedule Your Workouts
Just like you schedule a doctor’s appointment for your health, schedule your workouts. Look at your calendar for the week and determine the best possible time to workout when nothing in life will interfere. For me, my workouts take place at 5 am before my kids and husband wake up. I love too starting off my day burning off calories and setting myself up for success, but everyone is different.

Lastly, remember that this a a 30 day on program, one day a week active recovery. Based on your schedule, consider beginning on a Monday, if you’d like Sunday to be your active recovery day.

The workouts are NO JOKE! They are difficult. They challenge you mentally and physically. The one thing that has helped me through all of his programs is the accountability I get through working in a challenge group.

I WOULD LOVE FOR you to participate right along with me. Here’s the opportunity I have:

  • Daily accountability
  • Nutritional plan
  • Recipes
  • Tips and motivation
  • Opportunity to win $500
  • A FREE T-Shirt
  • Fill out the application or send me an email at kdursta@onefitfighter.com

Would you like to know more about my monthly virtual accountability groups?  Complete the application below so that I may contact you!

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Katy Ursta