Alright Ladies!
Back by popular demand are the FREE FIGHTER FOCUS GROUPS.  

And this time we are talking all about SUMMER FUN. 
Who doesn’t want some killer curves to flaunt on the beach?  But more importantly, who doesn’t want to know how to drink a cocktail without feeling the effects afterward.  
Ladies I have cleaned up some of my favorite summer cocktails and I’ve added a few killer workouts to help you look amazing and enjoy every second of the summer. GUILT FREE!
First we go to work.  Then we go play! Deal?! 

Okay seriously – here’s the deal for this 2 week FREE CHALLENGE!

-Basic moves.
-No equipment required.
-Done in 5 minutes.

The reason I am keeping it so simple is because I don’t want to let lack of time or equipment be a barrier for you getting it done. Isn’t it hard enough to keep fitness goals on track as it is??

But for real, you guys – if you tell me that you don’t have 5 minutes/day to get your sweat on, then I think you need to check your priorities!

Here’s how to join this FREE challenge:

– Step 1 is to “like” my page -ONE FIT FIGHTER so that you can be guaranteed to see all posts and updates from me. You can access my page by following this link by clicking on the link above!

– Step 2 is to request access to the private group CLICK THIS LINK! (You will not be able to gain access the link, unless you’ve liked the page!)

– Step 3 is to SHARE this blog post to your FACEBOOK page and tag 5 friends!  I KNOW you must have someone who would enjoy this challenge…and let’s face it, fitness is more fun with friends!

Here’s how it will work once you’ve been added to the group:

Each morning (beginning TUESDAY MAY 31st)  I will post the challenge workout in the PRIVATE group page (which you will have access to after liking my page). After you complete the workout, (COMMENT) on the post to let me know you have done it. 

That’s it! Do your workout….tell me you did it… pretty simple, right?
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you find yourself struggling with some of the movies or If you experience any pain or discomfort during any of the workouts, please do not continue. Feel free to message me for modifications on any of the moves!

* Again, the only way to be granted access to our PRIVATE group is by the following steps:

1) “Like” ONE FIT FIGHTER page here:

2) Request access to the private group

3) Share this blog post to your own timeline and tag five friends!  

Can’t wait to share my favorite recipes and workouts with you! 

Katy Ursta