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After not losing weight for the last couple months, I knew I had to revert back to the plan that’s helped me see the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.

Enter the Stripped Meal Plan:

This meal plan is for those wanting to push past a plateau or only for those trying to shed those last 10 lbs. This plan is restrictive but you don’t feel overly hungry because you’ll be eating a combination of foods that fill you up and give you energy to get through the day while blasting fat at the same time. Soooo, I decided to give it a try and really be dedicated to following the Stripped meal plan to see what results I could achieve. I think I might be a little CRAZY!

This is one of my my most popular groups beacause the plan is easy to follow, and the results happen fast.

This plan along with optional cardio and strength training exercises can help you break past your biggest barriers!

For those of you who know nothing about the Eat Clean lifestyle, here are the basic principles of the diet.

Results are Made in the Kitchen! 

Want to Join Me? 

So now I want to offer it to you! I have created a 30 day support system for individuals who are willing to commit to the requirements. 
 Every day you will log into the free downloadable app and I will post a tip of the day, recipes, strategies and information to help you successfully shed the weight. 
I will provide you with the 3 weekly meal plans that you can implement or you can use and tweak to fit your families needs. You can expect to have 24/7 access to me and my team. 
 You will have a support system to lift you up when temptation strikes and the ability to truly make those last 10 pounds go away forever and push past that plateau!  I have learned that just going through this process one time has made it much easier to tweak my calories and nutrition when I start to feel off. These are easy tips that will help you make a lasting change. I will honestly teach you everything that I have learned and what has worked for me. I have a plethora of meal plans and recipes to meet your needs.

Yes it is a little on the strict side, but you are not starving yourself. You will be eating 5-6 small meals a day. You will be eating normal foods that you can easily prepare and find. You will be drinking water and you WILL be exercising!!! It’s not rocket science which I like! If you try to give me a system that requires tracking everything under the sun I immediately glaze over and shut down. So because I have found it so successful I really want to teach you to do the same.

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What is INVOLVED???

1. I must be your official Virtual Fitness Coach.  That means that you go to my site and you create a free account so that I am your mentor.  

2. Complete the application below for the Stripped Group.  Be sure to include detailed information about what your current struggles are with nutrition and exercise and this is only for those with 10 pounds to lose.

3. Next, you are required to commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the group.  Shakeology is not a protein shake or a weight loss shake but a nutritionally dense meal replacement.  The reason that I require you to replace 1 meal a day with shakeology is because life is busy and having a complete meal is hard to do all the time.  With Shakeology you know you are getting the right protein to carb ratio that your body needs to have sufficient energy, to curb your cravings and to keep you full for at least 3 hours.  It’s convenient and portable which means that no matter where my busy life takes me, Shakeology can come to!  It doesn’t hurt that it tastes amazing too!  So trust me, it’s worth the investment if you don’t get in your veggies everyday, you are busy, you don’t have time to cook, or you frequently skip meals.  Shakeology is unlike anything else out there, you have to trust me and give it 30 days.  

I promise it will be worth it.  I know because I drug my feet forever in making my first order but once I did the progress just happened magically!!!

4. Exercise is highly encouraged but just know that you do not have to do a Beachbody Fitness Program.  Although, I do highly recommend that you check out T25!  It’s by far my absolute favorite workout and I haven’t had one bad review on it yet.  Seriously, it doesn’t matter how busy that you are there is 25 minutes in a day to exercise.

So, that’s it!  That’s the scoop.  30 days your commitment which equals my dedication to helping you get the very best results possible.  Are you game????

If so, the next step is to fill out the application below.  I will be in contact with you over the next 24 hours to answer any questions and walk you through the sign up process.  The group will begin on the 4th of November which gives you plenty of enough time to get enrolled and ready.

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Nutrition is the Key!
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The very first week will focus on preparation, meal planning and getting game face on!!!  Just in time for our summer slim down push! Right ladies? 
stripped plan, tosca reno, katy ursta, one fit fighter
Summer is Coming! But I got you, Girl!

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Katy Ursta