Is Coaching a Good Fit for You? 

My business as a Beachbody Coach became an LLC last year, and with the growth of our network and the heart and hustle of the coaches on my team, I was given the opportunity to be part of my original franchise. Your placement in my original franchise is a prime spot for growth.

Guys… I am not a business person. I am a teacher. This is still so crazy to me!

But here’s the deal, I took the skills I used in my 7th grade Reading Classroom and applied them to the business to create a stable six figure income. Still a teacher, different classroom.

You can do the same!

Here are some things to consider:

>>>I was able to work through my personal cancer battle (when I was able) and still receive a 366%  yearly increase.
>>>I was able to find my own purpose through helping others. A large part of my time in 2016 will be spent on more philanthropic endeavors.
>>>I’ve traveled to Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Cancun, Mexico for ” business meetings”  FREE
>>>I am taking my entire family on a cruise through the Caribbean this week!
>>>Daily I surround myself with motivated, inspiring, and beautiful woman who encourage me to set big goals and dream big.  
>>>I create my own hours based on the needs of my FAMILY first. 

Is this a good for you?  Read below to find out!

• willing to invest 30-60 minutes daily
• ready to start your own fitness journey
• totally teachable
• compassionate, motivated, and ready to RUN!

Personally, I am willing to mentor you one on one to share with you what I’ve done to build a 6-figure income applying the same skills I used in a middle school classroom.

You don’t need abs,and you don’t need to have a completed fitness journey.
Oh and perfection is not my jam so PLEASE COME AS YOU ARE.

*Please note- I mentor ONLY up to 10 women a month. I truly believe class size matters and I want to make sure I give my coaches my individualized attention.
The Bigger Picture: 
>>Because of this business… 
>>Because of the financial success we are having as a team.. .
I am able to give freely of my time and give back freely of my income. 

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Giving Back is my Jam

This is not something I ever dreamed possible before. 

You see my team is made of go-givers- the kind of people who often put themselves last. I am able to give back because of this opportunity. 
I believe success is just passion on fire. 

katy ursta, cancer survivor, humanitarian of the year, beachbody success story
Honored by the Recognition

In the last three years I have been able to create a full time income based on helping other people:

  • Financially
  • Physically
  • Emotionally 
It really is a TEACHER’S  dream! 

It started as a way to continue achieving my own health goals and turned into a way to help my family pay the grocery bills.  It has become a full time career where I am able to give freely of my time and income to helping others.

Three years ago I signed as a coach.  I had about 100 friends on social media.  I didn’t know what instagram was.  I simply wanted to help other people because I knew that Insanity worked well for me.  I was skeptical about shakeology, but did my research.  I read review after review about the product, so I signed up and didn’t look back.

  • I built the business working full time as a teacher.
  • I built the business while pregnant with my second son Dom.
  • I built this business while fighting stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

I chose to believe that I had the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.
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Teacher Turned Entrepreneur 

Anyone can be successful at this.  Anyone. But it does take HEART.  It does take hustle.  And above all- a #nevergiveup attitude.

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Our Transformation Began with a Simple Choice. 

Would you like to check out a OPEN HOUSE about coaching on The Knockout Brigade? 
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What You can Expect when You Join the Team:

1. You will receive a welcome email from me with your steps to get started.
2. We will set up a 1:1 call to go over your questions, your goals and I will give you direction on what to do first.
3. You will be enrolled in my New Coach Training and you will have access to my team page, our resources, guides, scripts, previous call recordings and everything else our team has created.
4. I will personally be mentoring and supporting you in your business. I love what I do and I am very hands on with my team and I enjoy the process! I am committed to helping you succeed and will be matching your efforts!  If you are ready to rock and roll then lets do this together!  

To reserve your spot to be placed in my original  franchise, you can also complete the application here.

Fill out my online form.

Katy Ursta