Week 7:  That’s a Wrap!

Let me be 100% uncensored and candid at this point in the game.

It hurts.

I just finished week 7 of Hammer and Chisel and I have to be honest, my body is starting to feel it.  I am tired and really hungry.
I am following PLAN A on this program but usually add one protein, daily.  I am torching calories and I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode!

There’s an expression that I have found 100% suitable to this journey.  With a program like this, you have to push yourself.  You have to rise above your own doubts and insecurities, and you have to believe that you can do hard things. There is no one that can do the work for you.  There is no that can want it more than you.  YOU have to dig deeper and quit the BS story you keep telling yourself about why you can’t.

A Little Bit of Truth

Hammer and Chisel is going to push you.  There are mornings that I don’t want to get up. There are mornings that I would much rather sleep in than sweat.  But anything worth doing well is worthy of sacrifices.

Mike’s Work in Progress: Week 7

I am having an amazing experience doing this program with other women on my team.  Each one of us are noticing changes. For the most part, we are seeing a change in our strength, definition in our muscles, and minimal movement in the scale.  This isn’t that kinda program where you don’t see a difference in the scale as much as you see it in how you feel and how your clothes fit.

I want to share a testimonial of a fellow Hammer and Chisel Teammate:

Jody’s Hammer and Chisel Journey!

As Mike and I get ready to take on the final week of this program, I am ready to tackle my meal plan. I am armed with the supplements that are helping me with this soreness, and I plan on getting a little additional sleep to make sure I am on top of my game.  I am excited to share my results in the coming week, but for now, instead I will share a recipe!

To access the recipe, click the picture! It will bring you to the good stuff! 
Click the picture for the recipe! 
Hammer and Chisel Journey and Meal Plans 
Before you Start Hammer and Chisel, READ THIS!

Week ONE 

Week TWO 

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