fitness motivation, workout motivation, katy ursta, hammer and chisel Hey there! So much to cover this week!  Let’s get down to it! I have to tell you that when I work out at 5 am, it’s partly because I LOVE to listen to the music that pumps me up…

Mike laughs at me because my playlist variety is kinda insane.  Definitely not his cup of tea… and definitely not for kiddos! I was thinking of blogging my list! Is this something you’d like?

Back to matters of business.  Let’s talk about results!
So today I wanted to share a little about the results I am  noticing.

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  • I can tell I am getting stronger.  Lifting my kiddos is easier and I’ve increased the weights on most of workouts.  I can tell that muscle is being created and I can feel even see my stomach muscles start to become more defined.
  • I am more confident in my skin and am actually working extremely conscious about making sure that I am engaging my core muscles as I work.  Since I started focusing on this, I’ve noticed quicker results especially in my abs. 
  • I am more hungry. I have noticed that an increase in the weights as I use has also meant an increase in my appetite!  I’ve been drinking a lot of green tea and occasionally adding a protein to my diet!

Hammer and Chisel Journey and Meal Plans 
Before you Start Hammer and Chisel, READ THIS!

Week ONE 

Week TWO 
Week Four

And Check this OUT!

Last week I shared my half way point transformation, so today I am sharing my husband, Mike’s results! When we took the pictures he was officially done with week 4!  Check it out.  He’s lost four pounds, but check out how he’s gained!!!

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