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It happened again this morning.  I woke up with that overwhelming feeling of…

Did I sent that email?
Crap! I forgot to send that email!
Did I send the documents that were due?
I need to review the order?
Should I put another order of team shirts in?
I still need to work to achieve that GOAL… the deadline is looming…
What day is it?  Do I teach Sunday School today?
I need to make Nick’s shirt for school. Do I have super glue?

Do you ever wake up with your mind racing before your feet can catch up?

This morning was rare.  It’s unusual for me to wake up feeling so anxious about the day, but when I took some time to think why I was so on edge, I realized that this week, I let a few of my simple routines slip through the cracks.  I was off my game and falling into bad habits.

So this is my gut check moment and I hope that it helps you too.   Each day there are 3 things that I practice. We all know that practice creates habit and habit is what creates results.

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1. Goals are great, but greatness doesn’t exist without gratitude.

About a month ago I was watching a webinar about spending 2 minutes every night jotting down the 3 things you are most grateful for before you go to bed.  Before adopting this habit, I would fall into bed, and I swear my brain was not sleeping. I was anxious about what the next day had in store and I felt like resting was actually slowing me down.  When I started journaling gratitude, I started to realize that I was sleeping better. I was less anxious in the morning, and laser focusing on my goals became easier.  Gratitude reminds us of what we have and gives us clarity to work towards what we want.

2.  Have a vision.  But focus on driving towards a daylight.

At the beginning of each year, I create a visual reminder of the things that I am working toward.  I am a firm believer that for goals to be achieved, they need to constantly be staring you in the face.  Ask my coaches.  I have no problem reminding them of what they are working towards.  We all need a reminder.
My goals scares me.  They for some reason, always feel a little out of reach.

VISION has to be there.  It’s in front of me.  It’s a constant reminder of what I am working towards, but the vision means nothing without the daily behaviors I practice to break it down.

First I break it down to quarterly goals, then to monthly, then weekly, until I have a list of essential “to-dos that need to completed daily.  Daylight is great, but focusing on the small, seemingly insignificant activities is what really creates results!

I will be sharing how I do this in my FREE webinar this week.  Have you registered to listen in LIVE or access the playback? CLICK here if not!

3. Forget motivation.  Just do it.

goal setting, how to set goals, business goals, starting a business, goal setting for greatnessLet’s face it. Sometimes we are on the lookout for the perfect scenario, the perfect time when the stars align and the work comes more natural.  But in reality, sometimes you have to forget motivation and just do the work.  There is no goal ever met without a little sweat.  It’s the truth! If you want to achieve your goals, sometimes you need to put your head down, blinders on, and focus on driving towards daylight.  Nike had it right when they said, just do it.  Sometimes the only thing standing in your way is the BS story you tell yourself of WHY you can’t achieve it.

Just do it.
Yes, you can.  I am rooting for you.

And if you’re like me, you find yourself off course a bit, just readjust the wheel.  Refocus on these basics steps and get back to what you are working towards: GREATNESS.

Personal Development I suggest to help you get there:
The Power of Habit -Charles DuHigg
Take the Stairs – Rory Vaden
Your Best Year Workbook– Lisa Jacobs

Katy Ursta