What does that even mean? 
Here’s what’s crazy. 
My business as a Beachbody Coach became an LLC last year, and now with the growth of our network and the heart and hustle of the coaches on my team, I was given the opportunity to open a 3rd franchise a few months ago.  Guys… I am not a business person. I am a teacher.  This is still so crazy to me! 

katy ursta, cancer survivor, humanitarian of the year, beachbody success story
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The 3rd Franchise Invitation for very few in the network who have created a successful organization by focusing first on the growth of their teams, leading from the trenches, and focusing always on personal development.

  • So what did that mean to me?
  • To my team?
  • To those of you possibly reading this and just thinking, can I do this coaching thing too? 

Here is what it means to me… 
Success from a financial standpoint is nice, the comfort and security are wonderful but there is something bigger for me.
You see in the past year, I have been able to take a small step back from the business (while it still grew) so I could focus on fundraising. For 10 weeks fundraising was a main focus in my life. It mattered, deeply to me.
I sacrificed my rank in the company, and a faster growth… because this mattered, a lot to me. It mattered a lot to my friend and coach Taylor. 
If we could raise $50,000, we could have a research grant named after her cousin, Emily. 
We achieved that goal. WE got that grant, as a team.
katy ursta, cancer survivor, humanitarian of the year, beachbody success story
The Bigger Picture: 
>>Because of this business… 
>>Because of the financial success we are having as a team.. .
I am able to give freely of my time and give back freely of my income. 

This is not something I ever dreamed possible before. 
You see my team is made of go-givers- the kind of people who often put themselves last. I am able to give back because of this opportunity. 

katy ursta, cancer survivor, humanitarian of the year, beachbody success story
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I was able to raise $70,000 to cancer research because of THIS opportunity. 

But the world needs the go-givers. The world needs people who lead first with heart but aren’t afraid of the hustle. 
I love working with these kind of people because they get it. The smallest things make the most incredible impact. 
I don’t need the designer stuff… the pretty purses or the whatcha ma call them shoes (yes they look great and I might treat myself …occasionally) but what I really need, what matters most to me, is:


To my team and to those reading this, a third franchise is this: 
I promise that I will continue to grow my team, help build faster income opportunity for those who join the Knockout Brigade, and lead always from the trenches- this is the heart and the hustle.
I promise to lead first from a place of kindness and to be the light. 
I promise to not give up because ya know..that’s just not my jam. 
This is my passion and I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and explore the opportunity in front of you. 

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Success is Just Passion on Fire.
In the last three years I have been able to create a full time income based on helping other people:

  • Financially
  • Physically
  • katy ursta, cancer survivor, humanitarian of the year, beachbody success story
    Honored by the Recognition
  • Emotionally 
It really is a teacher’s dream! 

It started as a way to continue achieving my own health goals and turned into a way to help my family pay the grocery bills.  It has become a full time career where I am able to give freely of my time and income to helping others.

Three years ago I signed as a coach.  I had about 100 friends on social media.  I didn’t know what instagram was.  I simply wanted to help other people because I knew that Insanity worked well for me.  I was skeptical about shakeology, but did my research.  I read review after review about the product, so I signed up and didn’t look back.

  • I built the business working full time as a teacher.
  • I built the business while pregnant with my second son Dom.
  • I built this business while fighting stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

How can I not be grateful?

So how did I get here? How did I become a workshop presenter for the company?  How did I become a leading coach in the organization?  How did I become Beachbody’s 2015 Humanitarian of the Year recipient?

I consistently did, daily, what others would not.  I read personal development- The Slight Edge and The Compound Effect.  I showed up everyday.  It’s like the athlete that trains everyday when no one is watching.  I showed up. And in return- the ripple effect occurred.  My decisions were making an impact on the lives of others, in a positive way.  I began making decisions in my life that were bringing me closer to success.  Little by little I began to grow the foundation of my business.

I was becoming a go-giver. 

I chose to believe that I had the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.

Anyone can be successful at this.  Anyone. But it does take HEART.  It does does some hustle.  And above all- a #nevergiveup attitude.

Its the best way to get all the details about the business and how it can work for you!

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