Holy cow.

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Dude. You guys.  This is no joke.  We’ve gotta talk about this program for like one quick second.

Ok here’s the deal.

This is not like anything I’ve ever done.

This is a challenge.  This is mental.  And this is all on you.

What do I mean by that?

I am learning that Hammer and Chisel is a designed to mentally strengthen you as well as physically strengthen you.  Over the past two weeks I’ve discovered what it really means to challenge yourself and push past your limits.

I watched my body change and my mindset start to shift as well.  I am starting to recognize the extreme difference hunger, thirst, and boredom.

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You can do the hard things!  You’ve got this!
My body is changing.  I am seeing muscles develop where there once wasn’t any.  I am seeing myself become laser focused not just on my workouts but on my eating habits and on my business.
It’s this constant reminder that, yes.  Indeed.  I can do the hard things.
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Down 2 Pounds!  Down 3 Inches!

Food for Thought

Click for the Recipe!

When I started the program I had a hard time really grasping the thought of eating a lot of food and losing weight.  I really struggled with this. As someone who counted calories for so long, this is a mindset shift.  I want to develop muscle but also lean out.  This mean that I am following Plan A of the program.

However I am starting to see that on the days I do extreme lifting, I add an additional protein to make sure I am getting enough calories.  Hard boiled eggs have become my go to protein!

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Nutrition throughout the Day!

Mike and I follow the same meal plan.  However, because he needs more food throughout the day, he eats one additional meal and adds additional protein and vegetables to his dinner.

Our kiddos eat the same meals as us for dinner so we don’t feel like the prep has been too much for us.

When hunger strikes, like it sometimes does, we pull out the macha tea. It’s a type of green tea that staves hunger and is loaded with antioxidants to help your body naturally fight off cancer!  (And you kinda know that’s my jam!)

Water is imperative! And not just a sip here and there throughout the day, but water ALL DAY! Constantly filling up the bottle and refueling your system! This makes weight loss easier, muscle creation faster, and hydration duh! I also noticed that if I wasn’t drinking enough water, I was getting a killer headache.

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Week 2 Meal Plan

Muscle Soreness
As heavy as I am lifting and as hard as I am lifting I really anticipated more soreness.  I am surprised to find that I am more stiff than sore.  Throughout the day, I do find myself stretching, and it’s imperitive before every workout to warm up and cool down after.

I think a big part of this, is the line of supplements I am using to help build my muscles.
Check this out!

What I am IN LOVE with!

Ok the best, the very best thing about this program is how much it changes every day! Each workout is different and it’s always changed up, so I am not bored and I love the idea of not knowing what workout is coming next!

Could this Program Be For You?
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