Oh my gosh!  You guys!!!!

I have so totally found my soulmate workout!  I am one week into Hammer and Chisel and couldn’t wait to share my results with you!

First, let me tell you a little about this program!
Hammer and Chisel is a 60 Day Program based on the following: 
stabilization, strength and power. 

You will practice progression of weight training in all three above areas before you progress in the amount of weights you use.  This practice allows you to build a foundation before you move forward. 

This program is designed for those with a baseline of fitness
There is a modifier for the program, and whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or bulk up, Hammer and Chisel is designed with you in mind.  

Want to know the crazy thing??? I have been able to complete the first week before it’s even come in the mail!  Thanks to Beachbody on Demand, any program I purchase is available right on my computer!  

Tips for a Successful Week ONE: 

1. Get Started! You will receive a calendar, the container system for easy nutritional planning, the workouts, and me as your coach! Within the challenge group, I walk you through all the first, often scary steps of achieving long terms results.   Here’s more information about the kit selections! Make sure to check out the equipment you need for the program! 

2.  Set yourself up for success by identifying the meal plan that’s perfect for you.  Using an inventory of questions, based on your current weight, your goals, and your lifestyle, you will identify how many containers to consume, daily!  Below you find a sample of my week one meal plan!   They make this part simple!

hammer and chisel meal plan, hammer and chisel plan a, hammer and chisel food, hammer and chisel results
3. Take those Before Pictures
I know. I know. A lot of people talk about the dreaded pictures and some people never actually take them.  If there is one thing I must absolutely, without a doubt tell you again and again YOU MUST DO THIS.  Here’s the deal-  the program works.  Follow the meal plan. Follow the workout schedule and you will see results.  Too often though we depend on the scale as our only measurement of success.   
  • Pictures
  • Measurements 
  • Scale
Use all three of these systems to really judge your results upon completion.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!  Here are some more reasons why Before Pictures will Keep You on Track!
hammer and chisel calendar, hammer and chisel schedule, hammer and chisel rest day
Here is the 60 Day Calendar 
4. Schedule Your Workouts
Just like you schedule a doctor’s appointment for your health, schedule your workouts.  Look at your calendar for the week and determine the best possible time to workout when nothing in life will interfere.  For me, my workouts take place at 5 am before my kids and husband wake up.  I love too starting off my day burning off calories and setting myself up for success, but everyone is different.

Hammer and Chisel Test Group, Hammer and Chisel Result, Hammer and Chisel participants
Mike works out in the afternoon. I am the early bird!

5. Remember too that this a a 60 day on program, one day off.  I strategically planned my day one as a Thursday to make sure that Sunday was my day of rest!

The workouts are NO JOKE! They are difficult.  They challenge you mentally and physically.  The one thing that has helped me through all of his programs is the accountability I get through working in a challenge group.
hammer and chisel test group, hammer and chisel results
If you are beginning this program, don’t do it alone! Let’s get you signed up with a free account with me as your coach so that I can provide motivation, tips, recipes and accountability to get you results faster and better than you ever thought possible. CLICK HERE!

I  WOULD LOVE FOR you to participate right along with me.  Here’s the opportunity I have:
  • Daily accountability
    Hammer and Chisel Support, Hammer and Chisel Nutrition, Hammer and Chisel results
  • Nutritional plan
  • Recipes
  • Tips and motivation
  • Opportunity to win $500 
  • A FREE T-Shirt
  • Fill out the application or send me an email at kdursta@katyursta.com 

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