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It’s the holidays! Which means holiday parties, cookies at every turn, and lots of temptation everywhere!

Look I am not the person who will tell you that the holidays have to be completely clean of all indulgences but I certainly will tell you that there are lots of fun alternatives to some of your holiday favorites!

Since I am following a new program, Hammer and Chisel, and don’t want to stray from the nutritional plan, I wanted to take

A holiday tradition that Mike and I started a couple years ago was spending a couple evenings throughout the holiday sitting by the fireside sipping a cocktail.  Over the years we have tried new beverages with a healthier twist.

No matter what your holiday indulgence may be, I hope that you will love some of my cleaned up cocktails for Christmas.

So as my holiday gift to you, here are some of my favorites recipes including one or two for the kiddos!

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Please share with friends and family! Spread Christmas Joy!

All my joy!

Katy Ursta