story telling, social media stories, katy ursta, top beachbody coaches Another year coming to an end and another year upon us. For me, it’s always been a welcome opportunity to reflect on the struggles and the accomplishments throughout the year.

Ya know, 2015 has been a year filled with it’s own obstacles. After battling cancer throughout 2014, I thought that finding my footing would happen magically.   I started to realize the power of my story, the way that my words were impacting others, and the hope I could provide. 
Here’s the truth. 
Struggles are unique and individualized but there is ALWAYS a common theme.  There is something that connects all of us, and it’s that power to overcome and achieve greatness.  It’s in all of us.  The difference is, so many of us live in fear of actually achieving that greatness. 
Throughout the year, I used social media to share my story… 
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  • The story of life after a struggle. 
  • The story of life as a survivor. 
  • The story of inner responsibility. 
  • The story of living life to the fullest. 
  • The story of sweating for something bigger.
As a retired classroom Reading teacher, I started to realize how much the art of storytelling plays into my business- a business I started at the kitchen counter working in the morning for an hour and the evening for an hour. It later became a Six Figure Business.

My story- 
The story of the mom with no energy to play with her son.
The story of the mom who got to work in her basement with Shaun T every day.
The story of the mom who lost 20 pounds and gained confidence. The story of the couple who was being buried alive in a mortgage.
The story of a girl who was diagnosed, battled, and beat stage 4 cancer.
The story of a woman who became a survivor.
The story of a woman who decided that she had a bigger purpose to live for.
That’s my story.

But what’s yours?

Greatness happens first with a choice. Greatness happens when we CHOOSE to believe we matter.

I have created a substantial business based on helping others see the value of their own story.  
My job has become helping others share their story through the platform of social media.  
As a teacher, it became my job to teach others how to do this in a simple 12 step formula.  I am stoked to share that the formula is FINALLY ready! 
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Your Free Gift as a New Coach!

Through the formula, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people transform their lives, physically, financially, and emotionally.  To me, there is no greater sense of accomplishment than seeing those around you achieve their goals.

The 12 Step Approach to Coach is a manual to help you uncover your bigger purpose, erase fears, and set goals to help you achieve a business fueled with passion and purpose.

The workbook you will receive, will walk you through series of easy to follow exercises to not just start a business but envision the business and the life you are destined to live!  Greatness is in there!

This opportunity is open to people who: 
  • Are self motivated
  • Driven by a sense of bigger purpose 
  • Are independent 
  • Are open to learning 
  • Have a desire to help others achieve their goals
  • Want to create financial freedom for their family 
  • Are teachable 
If this describes you, then I want you on my team! I am currently accepting application for my 12 Step  Approach to Coach. 
This 12 Step Approach to Coach is a 3 Month ONLINE course to walk you through the journey as a new coach into the evolving role of leadership using the same methods I’ve used to get me where I am today. 
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Teaching Beyond the Classroom

The 12 Step Approach to Coach is designed to be done on your own time, and will allow you to work at your pace.  You will be given weekly focus calls, and 1:1 calls as well as access to the website of resources from the team! 

My job is to help you reach success on your terms and on your time!

As your upline sponsor it’s my job to support you, but I am not your boss! This is 100% your business and I will help you achieve the goals that you are willing to work towards!


It’s me, personally extending an offer to place you in a POSITION that others would give their right arm for.
It’s a position that will grow wildly, fast. So it will go to those serious about growing the business.
This is a DREAM spot.
I am GIVING 3 of these spots.
3 spots I have left open until now….
Until that person with HEART and hustle was ready to say…
“I get it Katy… this is my sign.”
I am opening the GOLDEN EGG to 3 SERIOUS applicants this week.
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Does this sound like the plan for you?  Here are your next steps. 

1.  Fill out the application below to be considered for one of the exclusive spots in my 3rd franchise. 
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Click to Join!

2.  Join the behind the scene webinar, by signing up at the link here!   You will be given full access to the 12 Step Approach I’ve developed for faster growth in 2016. The webinar will provide a 30 minute presentation on the opportunity to craft and commit to your ongoing story, and how I can help you achieve your goals!

3. Don’t wait to commit. Spots will go fast.  Even though it’s the holidays, people are thinking about what they want to do in 2016!  It’s my job to give you the training to be ready to start off with a bang in 2016!
4.  It’s time to take action!  Fill out the application and let’s start working towards those goals!  Let’s put a plan in place to help you start writing your personal story of greatness.

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