“Gratitude is a practice.  It’s tangible.  You concentrate on it and go through the day looking for it.”

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I’ve realized that money, the only reason it matters is because it gives me the freedom to give back.
At the end of the day, the fear that paralyzes us from giving back and doing great things is that we don’t matter.  We aren’t enough.

The truth is there is no innovation and creativity without failure. Greatness doesn’t happen when we are comfortable.
You are enough and you matter. But sometime knowing our worth starts from a place gratitude.  It’s a skill that must be practiced.  Much like we work our muscles to sustain strength, we must also practice gratitude.

I realized a couple weeks ago after re-evaluating my business and some issues that I personally wanted to change that the moments I am most proud of are the moments where I feel that I am doing something that will leave an impact on others.

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SO here I am on a Monday afternoon feeling somewhat anxious because I  realize that gratitude is where my heart is, but I also have this fear that if I focus on giving so much, I won’t be successful at running a business.

Faith and fear are there. Hand in hand.  I just sometime find myself leaning on fear instead of faith.  Make sense?

So how do I combat that? 
It’s always in the small moments that I know. Life isn’t about monumental moments. It’s the little moments that make the biggest difference.

gratitude reminders, practicing gratitude, being grateful, starting with gratitude,

Instead of chasing the extraordinary, focus on the small moments.  Those are the moments that are in front of us everyday. Those are the moments that matter the most.

And it all starts with gratitude.  

What is bigger?
Your fear or your faith?
You have to watch this!

So How Does One Practice Gratitude?
Here are my five tips for practicing gratitude and finding your joy.

1. Start each day with the power of three. 

gratitude reminders, being grateful, starting with gratitude, being grateful, beachbody coach, katy ursta

About a month ago, I realized that I was giving a lot of power to my phone.  I would wake in the morning and rush to check my emails or answer my messages.  I would be running through my daily to do list instead of starting the day by putting myself first.  So I made a small change.  Every morning when I wake up, I say three things that I am grateful for.  Each day my first two are the same, and every day I wake excited to find something new to be grateful for.  This small act gets me in a good frame of mind and helps me focus on leading first from a place of kindness.

2.  Find Gratitude in the Tough Stuff. 
Cancer by no means was easy.  In fact there are times that I still struggle with the aftermath of the disease.  It’s easy to let fear get the best of me and question, is this coming back?  Is it really gone?  What if?…
Instead of focusing on the difficulties, I find the blessings and allow the blessings to become a blessing to others.  I share my story and I look for seeds of hope that can be planted in the lives of others.
I shift my questions to: what canI  be grateful for? What lessons have I learned? What do you now know about myself? How have the obstacles changed me?  Did I grow from the experience?  DO I like the woman I am becoming?

Read this for inspiration!

gratitude reminders, being grateful, starting with gratitude, being grateful, beachbody coach, katy ursta
Say Thank You. It Matters. 

3. Say “Thank You”  
It’s so simple.  But it’s easily forgotten as we go through the day.  Take time to say thank you.
Perhaps in the form of writing a note to a friend.
Perhaps taking time to thank your spouse for folding the laundry or emptying the dishwasher.
Perhaps it’s making a phone call instead of just a text or facebook message to let somone know you appreciate them.
Perhaps at Starbucks to the barista who made your cappucino just right.

4. Take in the Moments.

gratitude reminders, being grateful, starting with gratitude, being grateful, beachbody coach, katy ursta
Angel Mimi

I know without a doubt in my mind that life is made up of small moments that you will never get back. So while you are busy marking of the check boxes on your list, take time to slow down and appreciate the moments.  Whether it’s looking up at the sky and seeing the beauty around you or the moments when your discovers a ladybug for the first time.  You aren’t getting it back.  Moments matter most.

5. Give Back 
I have found that when I focus on giving to others, I naturally receive.  I open myself up to gratitude and start to see the moments of joy and hope that I have given to others.  As we get closer to the season gifts and spending, take time to remember what matters most to you.

Because in the end, nobody is really going to care about what car you drove, how much money was in your account, or what the scale read.

What’s going to matter is the legacy you leave.  And that starts with a grateful heart.

So your in a funk?  Read this!

All my joy!


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