Need a little Jingle in your Pocket?

I get a lot of questions about what I do exactly that has allowed me to create a six figure income from home.  From the outside, it might look like I post a lot of selfies, share some recipes, snap a shot of my workouts, but with all honesty there’s a thing or more to it than that. 

The truth is, when I started the journey, a little over three years ago, I was teaching full time, had a 2 year old and a brand spanking new mortgage.  I felt somewhat responsible for building our dream home a little before we were financially ready, so  I gave up the gym membership. 

The Blessings of Being a Work from Home Mom!

I decided instead to order Insanity from an informercial and do the workouts at home.  I didn’t need the equipment, so I decided to just push play.  I invested in it, so I was going to do it!  I learned about this coaching thing by reading blogs like this one and thought, “Well if I can at least pay the groceries…”

Three years later, another baby and a little crazy thing we call cancer, and my business is doing more than just paying for the groceries.  I am retired from the classroom, working my business full time, and living the life I always assumed belonged to someone else! 

Money During The Holidays?But gosh! I am not that far removed from the holidays where Mike and I were pinching pennies and using the credit cards to pay for Christmas.  It usually wasn’t until March that would, with lots of interest accrued, pay it off.  

Month after month we were just making ends meet.  

Why I Coach!

I think one of the hardest job’s of a coach is making others understand their worth.  Even as adults, it can be easy to lose your way,  lose focus, lose confidence, and settle.  We settle in our own stories and don’t think dreaming big is something that will “fit” us.

I never set out to be a full time coach. 
I never really thought I had it in me to leave the classroom.  I loved my career.  Life was good.  But that constant tugging at my heart was there.  It took a major life scare for me to leave my comfort zone.  I know it’s a little crazy and definitely not the norm, but this job is a BLESSING. And it is selfish of me NOT to share.  It is selfish of me not to extend the invite to you.

My mission now is to help other women like me who are saying, “There’s gotta be more than this.”  

So as the holidays approach, if you are looking for an opportunity to put your health first and also put a little jingle back in your pocket, then consider this your formal invite!  

I am currently accepting 5 new coaches into my organization, The Knockout Brigade.  I will be with you as you begin your Beachbody Story and begin sweating for something bigger!  Together we will connect your fitness journey and turn it into a business story!

You can join this event right here:  COACHING SNEAK PEEK.  From 8 to 9 pm I will be sharing how I got started as a coach, how I personally transformed my life through Beachbody how after 2 years, I was able to retire from the classroom. 

You will hear from other coaches on my team, you will hear how to find people, how to share and not sell, how to make money and at 9:00 pm EST I will do a LIVE Q&A session where you can ask me questions and get answers about the business right from me!

You can log in LIVE here for the call!

Sign in tonight at 9:00 pm EST for the LIVE BROADCAST

I will teach you step by step how to create and launch a business, invite others to join you, and also get fit along the path!  You will also have full access to the comfort and joy challenge beginning right after Thanksgiving.  It’s a 21 Day Group to help you stay on track throughout the holiday!

Please note.  I am a teacher and believe firmly that class size matters. I keep my new coach trainings to 5 personally sponsored coaches a month. You can rest assured that you will get personalized attention.

Click the link below and look for my follow up email by MONDAY with the official invite to our event! Looking forward to working with you!

Apply Here>>>>>

Join the Event HERE>>>>

Can’t wait to see you there!!

Katy Ursta


  1. stevenjared0853

    December 15, 2015

    Your ideas are really good and it is worth considering. I am also looking for some ideas for corporate event planning as well, my budget is also limited so please suggest me something accordingly.