I’ve been throwing this blog post around in my head for about a week and like most of the blogs I create, I find it best when I stop thinking about it and I just write it.  

Ironic, I suppose because that’s the purpose of this post.  Just starting… 

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In my line of work, I work with a lot of people who “talk” about what they want, they see the goal but they never really start.  They talk a lot about it, but it’s actually rare they do something about it.  Often, they watch from a distance as others become successful and dream about what that success could mean.

But it looks like it belongs to someone else.  It’s designed like a shoe.  It fits a certain person, but can’t be worn by most.

At least,  I remember feeling that way too.  I am the kinda girl who has always played it safe.  I walked on the sidewalk. I didn’t play competitive sports. I didn’t try out for teams.  I walked on the side of caution always.

My life was by the book.  Everything I did looked like what I was supposed to do.  Nothing out of the ordinary and certainly nothing extraordinary.  If I focused on getting by, I would always be secure.

And then the diagnosis came
Stage 4. 

cancer survivor, katy ursta, choosing joy, daily gratitudeA little over a year since I heard the word, “remission,”  I have a new understanding of time and responsibility.  There are days the emotion of cancer sweeps over me and catches my breath. On more than one occasion, I have had the thought of… oh my gosh what if I am not here next year.

But with those thoughts also comes a great blessing.  I love harder. I appreciate my obstacles.  I slow myself down. I don’t stress like I used to. And I takes risks.

I quit my job to “play” on the computer all day.

I quit.
I forfeited my pension.
I stopped playing it safe.

Because safety… if you ask me… is bullshit.
It doesn’t exist.

So today, I thought to myself as I heard just one more person say, “I am going to wait until next year or next month or never to go after what I want,”  I have to get this off my chest.

If you really want to change, you’ve gotta jump.
Here are my top 3 tips for how to just start. 

1. Treat Every Day is January 1st

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We want to be successful at our weight loss goals. We want to focus on our health. We want to create more financial freedom for our family. We want. We want. We want.

But how often do we actually DO?
It’s easy to say I will start when it’s convenient. I will start when the stars align and when it “feels right.”

Truthfully, the perfect time DOES NOT exist.  There’s a reason that gyms are loaded for the first two weeks of January and then by mid February, you see tumbleweeds.  Because sometimes the January start, and not always, is a hokey pokey way of committing.
If you want to commit to a goal, do it on a Thursday or better yet a Saturday.
Any resolution that is made today must again be made tomorrow. 

Be OK with who you are. 

2. Repeat after me. You are worthy. 
Great things belong to someone else.  I am not deserving of the good life.  I can’t.  It’s hard. I don’t have the strength. I am busy.  I have too much on my plate. What if I fail? In order for a change to take place, you must first invent the possibility of greatness by using words of worth.

We think it. We speak it. We act it.
If you think you will fail you will.
If you think it’s hard, it is.
If you think you don’t deserve greatness, you don’t.

Your words are your truth.
Choose your words wisely.

3. Run in faith instead of walking in fear.
running, faith, fitness, cancer survivor, katy ursta, nike shoesI talk to a number of people, and many of them express their “rock bottom.”  They express that they can’t change because they are so afraid of failing, again.  I am so passionate about that because I KNOW ROCK BOTTOM.  I KNOW what it is to look around and not see hope.  I KNOW what’s it’s like to look out and see only darkness.

BUT I also know that they only way you can change your situation is by DOING SOMETHING about it.  I couldn’t change the diagnosis, but I could change my outlook.

I didn’t see hope.  So I became the hope.

It is ok to be scared.  But faith will always carry you further than fear. Always.

So to the person reading this if you are asking yourself, “What if I fail?”
I instead encourage you to ask, “What if I fly?”

You matter. 
You are worth of greatness.

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