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Welcome! The Door to my Business is NOW Open!

I get a lot of questions about what it exactly that has allowed me to create a six figure income from home.  From the outside, it might look like I post a lot of selfies, share some recipes, snap a shot of my workouts, but with all honesty there’s a thing or more to it than that.

It is an absolute challenge to jam in all of the awesomeness that I call Beachbody Coaching into a 5 Day Virtual Open House, but I am going to give it my best.

The truth is, when I started the journey, a little over three years ago, I was teaching full time, had a 2 year old and a brand spanking new mortgage.  I felt somewhat responsible for building our dream home a little before we were financially ready, so  I gave up the gym membership.

I decided instead to order Insanity from an informercial and do the workouts at home.  I didn’t need the equipment, so I decided to just push play.  I invested in it, so I was going to do it!  I learned about this coaching thing by reading blogs like this one and thought, “Well if I can at least pay the groceries…”

Three years later, another baby and a little crazy thing we call cancer, and my business is doing more than just paying for the groceries.  I am retired from the classroom, working my business full time, and living the life I always assumed belonged to someone else!

My mission now is to help other women like me who are saying, “There’s gotta be more than this.”  

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Never Miss the Moments!

Financial hardships?
Dead end careers?
Missed moments with the kids?

Exchange it for passion and a business that makes your mission to inspire others.  

What I love about this business is that you can create it to be whatever you want!  I always tell my coaches, “your story matters.”  Your journey in fitness, no matter where you are, is the incredible hope that you can give others!

My job is to help mentor and guide you to a place where you too can learn how to motivate, inspire, and connect with others.

This too can belong to you. Why the hell not?

Starting on Monday, October 26th I am running a 5 Day Coaching Open House.  You will receive a welcome email and daily videos that explain the opportunity in detail, how to use social media as a potential platform, how to begin creating an income, and what makes the Knockout Brigade unique.  Learning the business and owning this business is done on your time! And yes, you for sure can build it if you have another career! I am living proof of that!

Please note.  I am a teacher and believe firmly that class size matters. I keep my new coach trainings to 5 personally sponsored coaches a month. You can rest assured that you will get personalized attention.

Click the link below and look for my follow up email by MONDAY with the official invite to the Open House.

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Looking forward to starting this journey with you.

Katy Ursta