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From the Creator of Turbofire-  PiYO!

It’s not just about physical results.  It’s about confidence and clarity gained… 

If you follow my fitness journey or know much about Team Beachbody, you may have heard me mention Chalene Johnson before. Chalene is the creator of a couple of my all time favorite workouts Chalene Extreme and PiYo. Chalean Extreme is a great workout to learn how to incorporate strength training into my life and PiYO is the workout I used daily throughout my treatment.
What’s crazy is- my results were off the hook even though I was going through chemotherapy. I never had muscle definition and tone in my life. So when Beachbody announced that they were running a September special on my favorite workout, I couldn’t wait to go back to my roots! 

piyo transformation, piyo female transformation, what is piyo
My First Round Results!

Let me tell you that this program, is a new kinda strength training. Low impact and high intensity to improve your flexibility, stamina, and strength. It is yoga and pilates inspired but it pulls it all together to actually give you a cardio workout as well.

Easy to Follow Meal Plan Included!

The key is that it gives you results such as defined muscles, abs, core strength without the weights, the pounding of your joints and jumping around. It’s the perfect workout for those with mobility, joint and limitations due to injury or past experiences. It’s a workout that lends itself well to modifications.

Because it is unlike anything else out there. You can still get a cardio workout, without the stress on your joints. You can have Chalene’s awesome motivating and inspirational personality every day for 90 days in the comfort of your own home. You can feel the burn for days afterwards! After a 35 minute workout sweating, my booty was burning and I could feel it the next day. But I wasn’t bouncing around, jumping or doing crazy complex moves. It was a controlled movement that left me actually feeling energized vs defeated.
what is piyo, piyo results, piyo sale
Chalene during the PiYo thing at Beachbody Summit!

I also like the PIYO is the kind of workout that you can do anytime. Although designed as a 60 day program, you can also integrate into any workout routine to maximize results or increase flexibility and strength. It’s a program for any fitness level because our bodies crave this type of movement! Runner- this one is great for you!

Why I personally Am Excited for This NOW:
Chemotherapy takes a toll on your body. As I got back into my strenuous workouts, I noticed that some of the moves were still hard for me to do.  I pushed myself, and felt myself getting stronger each day! Now that I feel stronger, I want to go back to this program without using the modifications and incorporating the


I know that this workout is ideal for recovery, for flexibility, for endurance training, and for clarity of mind!

And I believe you can too!

PIYO- low impact, high intensity. As I find myself saying often, “modifications not excuses.” PIYO is the workout to do to build your strength, increase your energy, and tighten your muscles. Count me in!

Katy Ursta