income opportunity for teachers, teaching jobs from home,I am so excited to share some BIG news on a decision I’ve made that could potentially CHANGE your life!
First I have to back track. I have created over 3 years a substantial six figure income based upon helping others achieve their goals. When they achieve success, I achieve success.
Our team, The Knockout Brigade, consists primarily of women who first and foremost have a heart for helping others.

We are a true team of Go-GIVERS.
What does that mean to me?

  • It means we are passionate about what we do.
  • It means we are financially seeing success because we are helping others.
  • It means we are setting goals for our businesses and hulk stomping all over them.
  • It means we hustle with heart.

How do we make income? 
We promote healthy living while getting fit. We share our journey with others. We wear yoga pants to work… or we work during our prep period (yep… talking to you teachers)… or wherever our cell phone takes us. We work the hours we can. We create our own terms of success.

What is The Knockout Brigade? 

We are moms, wives, teachers, nurses, nannies, military spouses and others who live first to serve.
We live all over the country.
We run our businesses in our own unique style with a common theme of helping others succeed:  financially and physically.

Are You Wanting More Out of Life? Out of your Career?
Do you have that itch?
That gut feeling?
The scratch that says, there’s gotta be more…
That’s this.
This is YOUR MORE…

Freedom to be home with these guys!

Here are some things to consider:

>>>I was able to work through my fight (when I was able) and still receive a 366%  yearly increase.
>>>I was able to find my own purpose through helping others. A large part of my time in 2015 will be spent on more philanthropic endeavors.
>>>I’ve traveled to Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona, Los Angeles, California, and Cancun, Mexico for ” business meetings”  FREE.
>>>Daily I surround myself with motivated, inspiring, and beautiful woman who encourage me to set big goals and dream big. 
>>>I create my own hours based on the needs of my FAMILY first.

What is the 5 Golden Ring Opportunity? 

Will you be one of the five?
As a teacher, I always knew that class size mattered.  I taught for 8 years in a middle school setting.  Sometimes my classes held up to 30 children- making the individualized attention difficult.
I learned quickly that working on an individual basis with students allowed them to grow and feel cared for.  It had me thinking about the parallels between the business and my classroom. 

Class size matters. 
In the last three months, I have shifted the way that I have been working with new coaches (As a teacher I am always learning, growing, reflecting, and learning.  It’s just in my nature.), and I realized that the most successful coaches on our team are the ones who come into the business with large goals and a solid work ethic.  But instead of focusing on a large number of new coaches, I decided to work with a smaller group of new coaches.  I wanted to be able to truly mentor one on one.   So, I am doing something a little crazy.  I am capping the number of coaches I bring into my team, so I can give them my full attention.
Many of my new coaches are thriving, achieving major milestones in the business, and even being awarded an all-inclusive trip to Destin, FL next month.  (Have I mentioned that they’ve only been coaches for 3 months?!) 

Of course this success comes with vision, goal setting, and a lot of hard, consistent work.
But I think a large part of their success is that we’ve worked together CLOSELY to achieve our goals in a small group setting.
Seeing the success of these coaches had me thinking?
Why don’t I offer a unique opportunity to sign 5 NEW COACHES who will be closely trained over the next three months to build the business foundation of a potential six+ figure income?

So that’s what I am doing. 

>Weekly training calls
>Easy to follow, easy to duplicate business model broken into 3 distinct phases
>Exclusive elite trainings
>Goal setting 101
>Success partnership from the start
>25% Discount on all products

This is the ultimate gift I could give to ANYONE ready to get healthy, inspire others, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and start creating their own destiny.
This is your freedom.

Together we will begin a business blueprint for you to create and duplicate a system of success.  The Balanced Business Apprenticeship begins September 7th! I cannot wait to work with you!

Will you be one of the 5 coaches who are not afraid to set some large goals and work together on a more individualized level?

Complete the application below, so we can discuss if KB Coaching is a good fit for you!
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Katy Ursta