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Little man heading to school!

It’s true! My baby is heading to kindergarten in just a few more weeks, and while we’ve been busy maximizing our summer with trips and lots of sun, it’s time to start the to-do list for getting back to school. 

Nick and I have been busy working on our letter and numbers.  We’ve been reading books like If you Give a Mouse a Cookie and Number One Sam.  We’re spending a lot of time getting ready for learning, and having a blast doing it!   

Book bag. Check
Lunch box. Check.
Pencils, paper, folders, crayons, markers, scissors, glue. Check it all!  
He’s ready! 
But am I? 

kindergarten tips, going to kindergarten, tips for moms getting ready for kindergarten
My Little Kindergartner!

He’s ready to go! Armed with knowledge and a bring it on world attitude,  he’s ready to rock his first year at Avonworth Primary!

tips for moms getting ready for school, kindergarten tips, crockpot meals
Back to School?  We’ve got this!

But here are some of the sources of stress I am feeling…

With a new school year comes new activities, comes a shift in the calendar, and after school work at the kitchen table.

It’s easy to say “I don’t have time.” 
It’s easy to say, “I will do it later.”
It’s easy to say, “Let’s just get pizza instead.” 

Look, I get it.  This time of year is nuts!  But when you make yourself a priority, make time to workout, make time to plan a week of meals, you not only save money but you get results and you start to feel more confident.  Not to mention you have more energy and you look forward to getting in the workout.

kindergarten tips, crock pot meals, crockpot ideas
How is this little guy going to kindergarten?

If you ask me, there is no better time to start a new routine to better your health than NOW.    So I would like to take a minute to invite you to:

Backpack Back on Track Challenge

What is it?
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✅simple meal plans
✅satisfying snacks
✅quick dinners
✅crock pot ideas
✅ optional 3 day refresh
✅ optional at home workout
✅online support and accountability
✅my smiling face encouraging you all the way

How long is it?
This participant challenge will last 4 weeks plus one week called “preseason”  which is an opportunity to learn about meal prep and clean eating.

What is the commitment?

crock pot ideas, crockpot ideas, back to school tips, katy ursta

In order to participate, you must have an account with me as your coach.  You must also commit to replacing one meal a day with shakeology.  (This is the ideal nutrient dense solution for on the go meals).  I also suggest 30 minutes a day of cardio or weight training to get faster results! 

You’ll also receive my tips for Busy Ladies who Thrive in Chaos! My top 5 tips to making results happen when you don’t think life could get any crazier! 

To join us, please complete the application below!

Preseason begins this week!!

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