So I am actually writing this blog as my son, Nick is curled up on my lap watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Nick caught a little bug, and missed school today.
I didn’t have to take a sick day though to be with him.  I simply put on a movie and pet his head until he fell asleep.  That’s when I started to work.

That, to me, is FREEDOM.
My team of coaches is different. I know that.

Our philosophy is to always start from a place of kindness.
We are those coaches who believe in sweating for something bigger.
We believe every sweat matters.
We believe every story matters.

I was once a classroom teacher.  It’s in my heart to give to others.
But that has changed a little bit.  Fast forward three years…

  • I’ve tripled my income because I am dedicated to helping others achieve their goals
  • I still teach, but my classroom is much larger. 
  • I can do my job wherever there is wifi #mobilebusiness
  • My business is based on giving freely to others.

So How did I get to this point? 
First, let me explain that leaving the classroom was never the goal.  It was simply the outcome of doing what was natural:  teaching. 

In May of 2012, I signed up as a Beachbody coach. I had no social media experience, knew the least bit of how to run a business, but, I DID have PASSION and a VISION and a bit of background on how to teach.
(I still think of myself as the anti-CEO!)

At the time, Mike and I had just taken on a crazy high mortgage and we were scraping to get by!   I just decided, enough was enough.  I couldn’t live paycheck to paycheck and I certainly didn’t want the stress on our marriage.

So summer job opportunity came knocking.  BUT this wasn’t a typical job.

  • I was going to work from home.  
  • I was going to lose weight.  
  • I was going to be a healthier woman for my husband and my son.  I was going to inspire others to join me. 
  • Seeing others succeed directly impacted the income I made. 

  And I was going to get paid for this?  Seriously?
And the crazy thing is… I did it all PART TIME.  I kept working part time an hour or two a day, and after 2 years I completely replaced my teaching salary!

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Let Me Back Track

So it went down like this:

couples transformations, katy ursta, coaching opportunity, beachbody traonsformation
Our Transformation! Crazy, right?

*Bought Insanity.
*Attempted it three times before I completed it.
*Became a coach. YOLO? No clue what I was doing….
*Fell in love with challenge groups. (The secret sauce)
*Fought some cancer.
*Retired from teaching.

Now I live like this: .
— Debt free- no financial stress
We GIVE FREELY (you know philanthropy is totally my jam!)

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Job Perk:  Meeting Celebrity Trainers!

— College savings for the kids is set up and their college tuition will be paid in full before D even starts kindergarten.
— I create my own hours, my own curriculum, and my own business plan.
If you….
– Are reading this and saying….
>>>“I don’t get it. How?”
>>>”What’s the catch?”
>>>”I wonder if I could do that?”

So Here’s the Deal? 

You’ve seen the posts.
You’ve maybe followed my story.
You see the thousands of transformations.

But can you coach too?
Is it a good fit for you?

What if I just want to make a little extra money, not leave my job?!?!

top beachbody coach, katy ursta, what is beachbody coaching, cize workout, fixate cookbookYou have a couple options!

I can teach you how to create a full time income working a Beachbody coaching business part time.
(PSSSSST: And teachers… if you are reading this, school is out for summer… this is the job that keeps on paying when class is back in session!)
I welcome YOU to join ME for a LIVE webinar this Wednesday evening at 9PM eastern to learn all DEETS and this INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY that will only be available for the next few weeks.

*Available to non coaches and those not working with a coach at this time.

Join from PC, Mac, iOS or Android:

Or join by phone:
    +1 (415) 762-9988 or +1 (646) 568-7788 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 323 778 9988
    International numbers available:

Come with plenty of questions! I will be ready to answer! 

2. The second option is to take a moment to complete the application below.  We can schedule a time to talk or converse via email to see if coaching is a good fit for you! The Go Giver Apprenticeship begins MONDAY! And you should be there. No Experience required!

I think back to the choice I made three years ago having no clue what I was doing but just having that gut feeling it could change the course of my life.

Why not?  Why not just take a chance on something that will ultimately make you healthier and happier.  The incredible income opportunity is just the added bonus! My job is to teach you the same skills I’ve used to create this amazing lifestyle in less than 3 years!  Retiring from the classroom or leaving your job may be of no interest to you (I know it never was for me either), but being able to have freedom financially is absolutely priceless!

I look forward to working with you!

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Katy Ursta