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Can I really earn free travel with Beachbody?

It happened again.  You log into your facebook account to share the newest picture of your kitty and another one “bites the dust…”

What is it about those coaches?  They seem to be everywhere.

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Can I really meet celebrity trainers?
  • Playing  with the selfie stick…
  • Taking pictures of their food… 
  • Talking about eating out of containers..
  • Transformation Tuesday… 
  • Must be a pyramid scheme… 
  • Motivational mumbo jumbo…

Seriously it’s enough to make me want to scream!!! NO one is ever that happy…

EVER…Or. Are they?

Ok… so  maybe you’ve clicked unfollow.
Or maybe you’ve started to do a little research.
You’ve likely even asked yourself… how does someone make money,earn free trips, workout with celebrities simply by taking a bunch of selfies? 

Let’s set the record straight…

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Say Cheese!  #Selfie

Then how does a “normal”  person become a successful coach?

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Paid for Trip to Paradise?  Yup!

What I’ve found is that you’ve gotta have a heart for helping people but you’ve gotta be willing to put some hustle into it too.

Recently I’ve been talking to a lot of new coaches and people who are thinking about coaching but are too scared to take that leap of faith.

  • What if I fail? 
  • What if I offend someone? 
  • Isn’t the market saturated? 
  • What do I have to offer?

I’ve found that too often people excuse themselves from the race before they even tie their shoes!  Instead ask this:

  • What if I fly!
  • What if I CHANGE someone’s life? 
  • How many people people are on this earth? I am 100% confident that we haven’t scratched the surface… so that “get in early” mentality… The alarm isn’t even going off yet, peeps! Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey!”  Think bigger than your back yard! 
  • You are more influential than you think.  SOMEONE needs YOUR story.  SOMEONE needs your support. 

But back to that whole SELFIE STICK TALK. In a Nutshell here’s what I do and how I make money.

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Master the Art of the Selfie…

1. I drink shakeology and I workout…
2. I share my story.  My source is social media, but there are LOTS of options!
3. People ask me, “So what’s this shakeology thing all about?”

I tell them: 
“Seriously this stuff is the real deal.  3 years I’ve been drinking it. It’s a complete meal replacement loaded with essential nutrients to help you lose weight but what I REALLY LOVE… is that it’s ALL NATURAL.  There’s nothing artificial in my GO JUICE… and taking it long term could ultimately change your overall health.  My results have stayed off for three years.  Honestly, if I go a day without it, my body craves it.”

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  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Healthier skin, hair and nails, 
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Long term weight loss that you KEEP OFF

4. They try it and say ” HOLY SH&%. She’s right.”  And I go, “I know! That’s what I’ve been sayin!'”
5. They say, “Hey Katy, what’s this coaching thing all about?” And I am all like:

“Oh! Well I share my story and inspire people on their own health journey using the amazing catalog of workouts we have and of course the secret sauce, shakeology…”

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6. They say, “HMMM can I coach?”

  • No interview 
  • No crazy sign up or large investment (Ok in fact sign up is free when you are using the products anyway.
  • You save 25% on EVERYTHING… even shakeology (#winning!)
  • There is 0 obligation and no quota or inventory to keep.
  • Just focus on helping people by using the products and inviting them to do the same. 
  • It’s mobile so we can work together ANYWHERE.  Live in Alaska?  No problem! Canada, eh?  Sure!Let’s chat!
    stay at home jobs, mobile business, beachbody coaches
    Mobile Business!

8. So because I focus on helping people,  And then they do the same thing….

Beachbody pays me for others’ success:  business and fitness!
There is no cut of commission because that would be totally uncool (and I am pretty sure illegal).  I do well when I HELP OTHERS.  That’s the bottom line.

SO that’s it.  I have a heart to help others succeed in business and in fitness. I make my own hours.  I create systems of success for my coaches to see results too.  

It’s about teaching, duplication, consistency and HEART! 



But because you are genuinely loving what you do and you want to share it… you likely will.

katy ursta, successful beachbody coach

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