Officially a Phase One graduate of the Ultimate Reset!  I am feeling amazing!

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Quinoa Salad- Delicious!

This phase was focused on gradually eliminating animal products and refined foods from your diet while adding lots of veggie.

There were four supplements I took daily through this phase:

  • Alkalinize:  Helps maintain alkalinity (improve the pH levels in your body)
  • Optimize: Promote healthy metabolism and effective body functions 
  • Mineralize: Adds natural minerals needed by the body
  • Soothe :Helps to enhance the digestive health and reduction of inflammation

Throughout the phase, I altered my diet by removing all processed foods, dairy products, and red meat .  I focused a lot on making sure that I was getting enough water, and adjusting digestive to new eating habits.

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Getting my Drink on!

Because my body is working so hard to “clean”  my insides, I removed workouts from my daily routine to allow for optimal results.

Throughout the first week, I experienced the following:

  • Minor headaches from the caffeine withdrawal
  • Change in digestion (ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!)
  • Fatigue 
  • Increasing my water intake makes my skin glow!

I am also really loving the food so far.  There is some prep work that goes into what you eat, and it does take some time, but I LOVE the recipes and the new spices I am using! Here is one of my favorite recipe!

By the end of the week my energy had been restored, and I had lost 3.5 pounds!  It’s incredible to feel so much lighter without the bloat. 

Here are my WEEK ONE transformation pictures!

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