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All-natural Supplement Plan

I’ve received so many questions about my HONEST opinion about the Ultimate Reset 21 Day Program.  Now that I have finished, I am ready to share some of my thoughts!  I want you to know that I am A OK with being 100% honest about this program.

ultimate reset results, ultimate reset transformation, what is the ultimate reset
Front View Transformation

What is the Ultimate Reset?
 It’s a 21 day cleanse/detox or basically a complete body restart. You are not starving yourself, you actually eat 3 meals a day and 1 snack! It is just all healthy, clean and very specific foods to help your body rid itself of the toxins that we have stored up all our lives from processed, fat laden foods! You take supplements a few times a day and drink lots of water. Exercise is not encouraged as you want your body to heal and restore but walking or yoga is acceptable.

First, some of my thoughts:

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A TON of Planning for Success

This plan is probably the strictest plan I’ve ever had to follow for a full 21 days. I am used to being healthy, but over the last 3 years I’ve learned how to be healthy yet still indulge here and there. It’s more of a LIFESTYLE for me. With this plan- I was strict.  I didn’t indulge, even in coffee. 

Week One and Two I discussed in a previous post, so let me share a little about week 3. 

Week 3 is supposed to only consist of fruits and veggies. We’ve added eggs, yogurt, and lean protein back into our routine. Weight loss is not my goal, and after two days I was missing some of my lean protein.  I could tell I felt a little off, so I listened to my body. 

ultimate reset transformation, what is the ultimate reset, katy ursta, ultimate reset results
Back View Transformation

I CAN say…this plan has made us appreciate foods like eggs, yogurt, and lean protein. I don’t crave any junk, and we’ve fixed a few bad habits (caffeine, wine, and processed foods!). We’ve decided to cut down on dinners out and date day lunches (we’ve actually SAVED money).  And hot dang…. it was crazy to think how much money I was spending at Starbucks!!!  3 weeks without it is a new record for me!  I’ve also learned several new recipes that will stay in our weekly lunch/dinner rotation.

What I LOVE: 

ultimate reset transformation, what is the ultimate reset
Yummy Garlic Dressing

More NATURAL energy (Caffeine free for 21 Days!) 
Clear skin 
Mental clarity
Bloat free 
I know my triggers for food:  (stress!) 
My body functions better with raw, fresh, and natural foods. 
Vegan is not for me

Physical Achievement: 
5.2 pounds
6.5 inches lost total

What I found challenging: 
Prepping for meals 
Cutting out the caffeine the first week
Drinking enough water 
The timing of the meals
Overcoming my mindset to achieve my goals

Is the Ultimate Reset for You? 
If you are looking for a way to get yourself back on track, really embrace clean eating, take a break from over-training and truly just be healthy you want to check out the reset! It’s awesome, I’m inspired by her story and the idea that no matter what your age, your ability level or previous life experiences you can be successful if you put your mind to it!!!

And I gotta leave you with a couple of pictures from my favorite dishes.  Ya know, from all of this, I’ve really fallen in love with food at the most natural state.  My taste buds have become so adjusted to unnatural, chemically enhanced foods that they were actually screaming for wholesome, nutricious  satisying dishes!!!

ultimate reset food, ultimate reset reviews, heatlhy breakfast ideas
Week One: Farah cereal with diced apples, walnuts and pure maple

ultimate reset food, ultimate reset reviews, heatlhy breakfast ideas
Week Three:  Fresh, Natural, Organic Seasonal Fruit
ultimate reset food, ultimate reset reviews, heatlhy side dish ideas
Week 2:  Steamed Zucchini with Himalayan Sea Salt
ultimate reset food, ultimate reset reviews, heatlhy side dish ideas
A Weekly Favorite:  Roasted Broccoli
For more information about my Ultimate Reset Experience: 
Grocery Shopping Lists
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