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After 2014, I have personally learned a thing or two about “beauty.”  Can I start with a question before I dive into this blog post?

Doesn’t it seem like we are always competing?

Doesn’t it seem like we are always creating this unrealistic expectation of beauty that sometimes our inner beauty gets so lost in the high heels, the designer handbags, and the lip gloss that some one else has defined for us as beautiful?

Ok side note

When I was diagnosed I asked my oncologist two questions:
1.  What are my chances?
2.  Will I lose my hair?

Looking back at those first two questions I realize how absolutely ridiculous both questions are.  Why? Because ONE: the only statistic that ever mattered was my own.  I was going to fight no matter what my odds were. TWO: because it’s just hair.  It grows. 

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Be the Light

But back to this beauty business thing… it’s always something that NEVER sat well with me.  I work in a business where I am surrounded by good looking people. People with perfect hair.  The right accessories.  The trendiest outfits.   Their faces (and their abs) are beautifully BLASTED all over social media.  And gosh darn it- they look awesome!!!! They work hard for that.

But I personally struggled trying to fit in there. It got  exhausting looking at their pictures. It got lonely trying to match the pace.

Cancer, for me, changed everything about beauty.

Perhaps you are reading this wondering:  “Where do I fit in?”
“What is my story?”
“Am I good enough?”
“Does it even matter?”

I can tell you without a doubt in my mind:
Your story matters.  You matter.  You are more influential than you think.

If you know me, and if you follow me on social media.  I will always be one to preach….

“Be so unapologetically you that people click UNFOLLOW.”

That’s me.
My hair is a mess, but it’s there.
My clothes don’t always match, and usually there is some kinda stain…
I lose my car keys at least 10 times a day. 
My abs are a work in progress… mainly because I really do love cake. 
I just learned how to put on eyeliner at the age of 32.
And I own 30 different tubes of chapstick, but not one lipstick.
Not one.

You see, being an inspiration in someone’s journey isn’t about being perfect or having all the answer or the rock hard abs.
It’s about being the light.
Beauty comes from simply being the light. 

Whether your abs are rock hard or not, someone needs you. Someone needs your light. Someone needs your story.
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Scars are Words for your Story.  Keep Writing.

So the Nomination?
Honestly being nominated for this Beauty Within Foundation thing was kinda surprising to me.  I mean sure I can play dress up.  I can thrown on some heels.  But why nominate a coach who puts such little emphasis on perfection?

I was of course honored by the nomination but had to ask… why me?  Why nominate me for the campaign.

Cindy Hines, the fellow Knockout Coach who nominated me, replied:

“Awe Katy! Funny you said that because I have been thinking A LOT about that lately…  I’ve seen a lot of negativity lately and wish more people could see the good…in others, in life, all around! It’s really sad and makes you think. No one wants others to do good…improve…be successful…shine! WHY NOT?!?! And you are welcome!”

It clicked.  This wasn’t about taking a pretty picture.  This was about the story behind the image.

I sometimes go back and think about why I shared so publicly my story.  Why share the struggle?
My answer has and will always be, because someone needs it.

The most beautiful you will ever look and ever feel is when you are confident.
My confidence comes from helping others find their own IDEAL beauty.

I am a coach.
I am the coach who will always sweat for something bigger.
I workout because it makes me feel more confident in my skin.
I sweat always for those who cannot. 
I will never be able to live up to an IDEAL image of beauty because, well

That’s just not my jam.

Thank you Cindy Hines for the nomination.   Honored beyond words.
Thank you Elizabeth Craig and John Craig for the beautiful work and the opportunity to participate in The Beauty Within Foundation. Your work is truly beautiful.
I look forward to another photography session with my coaches in Destin, Fl this September.

Thank you Hannah Conrad for making my outer beauty match my inner beauty.  (And here I thought my glowing skin was my ultimate reset transformation!)
To learn more about Elizabeth Craig Photography:

The Beauty Within Foundation (my images are the second story down)
Elizabeth Craig Photography  
Inquire about professional shots.  She did an amazing job! 

I also want to mention my upcoming online accountability group.  This is for women who aren’t looking for perfection, but are looking to find and maintain their inner beauty.  This is about health, wellness, and the blessings in between.  Because truly, that is where confidence begins.

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