what is super saturday, what is beachbody, how to become a beachbody coachAfter a whirlwind of an event this past weekend, it is hard to put into words how truly grateful I am for the events that took place.  Super Saturday is the quarterly event held by Teambeachbody throughout the country and Canada.  It’s an opportunity for coaches to come together, network, train, workout and learn about the newest products coming onto the market. Not to mention, it is A LOT of fun!

Paying it Forward
However, this event was different.  The Market Council, a group of coaches from different teams who organize events and trainings locally, came together and decided to make it a fundraiser event as well.  No other team in Beachbody has ever created a Super Saturday Event in this philanthropic manner.

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My campaign partner and coach, Taylor Molitierno

The Market Council, together decided to sweat for something bigger this quarter. We decided to use all proceeds from the event towards a charity near to my heart.  Participants of the Pittsburgh Super Saturday sweat, trained, and networked while raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year Campaign. 

Little Gifts for Lots of Hard Work

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Presenting Michalene with her Tiffany’s Necklace!

I also had the opportunity to present my coach, Michalene Cerqua with a traditional gift, the Tiffany’s Blue Heart Pendant for achieving Star Diamond in her business. Michalene is my fourth personally sponsored coach to achieve this goal.  This gift is a simple reminder of the hard work she has done to create a thriving business! I am so proud of her and LOVE watching her team grown through her strong leadership!

Location is Everything

550 at Pittsburgh Super Saturday!

This quarter the market council decided it was time to go BIG with the event and booked Heinz Field for the morning.  Heinz Field is our local football stadium, and since Pittsburgh LOVES their football, it was TRULY THE PLACE TO BE!

Welcome Events
Coaches and guests who attended the event had the opportunity to purchase baskets and participate in a 50/50 raffle- true sport’s style!  Baskets included gift cards, fitness passes, wellness packages and of course #everysweatmatters gear!

The winner of the 50/50 graciously donated the winnings back!  $175 was given back to the Woman of the Year Campaign.

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Let the Training Begin!

Jen Juliano, the campaign manager of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,  opened the event by talking to the coaches about how their participation in the days’ event will be supporting research efforts to end blood cancers.  So many people at the event know others who have suffered from cancer, so to know that the day’s events were going to impact others just felt good.

Coaches spent the next hour learning first hand from the company about the newest workout to be released at Summit 2015, Cize.    This is the newest workout from Shaun T that puts an end to “exercize” as we know it.  In the program (designed for all fitness levels), Shaun T teaches you have to master some of the top dance moves and work up a sweat that will leave you with amazing results.

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Talking about the Power of Story!

The newest line of supplements designed to maximize results from all home workouts and gym workouts was also introduced!

After the video,  the topic coaches in the Pittsburgh Area, including 2 Top Ten Coaches, Melanie Mitro and Alyssa Schomaker took to the stage to share their top tips for running a successful business!   Nikki Minton,  Kam Niskach and myself also took to the stage to share advice for building a thriving workout.

I personally shared how I managed to grow a six figure income sharing my story while working full time as a teacher, being pregnant with my son Dom and then battling cancer in 2014.  Was it easy?  Absolutely not! Was it worth it?

Well… look at the events of the day, and you’ll likely have your answer!

Next ,  Kam took to the stage to give the coaches a SERIOUS sweat session!  And man, the woman does not hold back! Coaches were left with an amazing sweat and a killer smile for a job well done!   She shared some of the moves from the new Cize workout while applying some of her master trainer moves from P90X!

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Cizin’ up Cize Workout

At the end of the event,  the market council took to the stage to present myself and my campaign partner and coach, Taylor Molitierno with a check.  I cannot right now share the amount on the check, as it is a blind competition and the totals aren’t shared until May 8th, but I can tell you this:

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Beyond Grateful!

1. I am blown away by the kindness of so many coaches who came and sweat for something bigger. I cannot begin to say thank you to so many who supported the campaign for the Woman of the Year.  I am truly grateful to surround myself with so many caring and compassionate people.

2.  My purpose is re-newed.  Events and any opportunity to connect with other coaches is a must for my business. It can be easy to lose focus on your goals.  To get consumed with the excitement of the job, but each time I go to an event I think about how truly blessed I am to be a part of this amazing company.  It becomes even more clear that I NEED to share this more.  I NEED to give this opportunity to others.  I NEED to share this blessing.

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Our Reaction when we see the Donation!

Yes, I’ve had a lot of success by consistently sharing my story when I had no clue if others were listening, but I kept going.  I kept sharing.  I kept believing because I knew at the end of the day, someone needed it.

I believe every coach has the potential to do incredible things.  Each coach has the chance to move mountains.  But it takes work.  It takes a never give up attitude.  Most importantly, it means you start.

You start today.  You just start with helping one person and you keep going.  That’s how lives change.  That’s how you do work that matters.

Have you thought about coaching? Allow me to give you the essential tools and trainings to create the foundation for a six figures income.  Complete the application for more information!The next coach basics 30 day training begins Monday, May 4th!

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