I was starting to feel a little beat up after completing the 21 Day Fix Extreme.  I loved the program and the results, but sometimes I just miss my mornings with PIYO–  Chalene Johnson’s cross of pilates and yoga.

When I first stared the program, I remember thinking there is no way that I am going to see results.  I didn’t think it would challenge me.  When I started the program  I was going through chemo, feeling a little discouraged, as my lung capacity wasn’t at it’s all time best.

piyo fix hybrid schedule, fix and piyo hybrid

I found that this program was exactly what I needed.  Simplified moves, resistance through your own body movements without the heavy cardio and weight work.  It was perfect, and although my results were amazing, I found the way Chalene spoke throughout her workouts to be exactly what I needed at that point in my life.

21 day fix piyo hybrid,  piyo results, beachbody results

21 day fix extreme transformatiom 21 day fix piyo hybrid, beachbody resultsShe has a natural gift for making you feel good about yourself.  I remember listening to her throughout the workout and thinking, “Yes.  She’s right.  I can do this.  Yes.  I’ve totally got this.”

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meal ideas 21 day fix, what is the 21 day fixAmazing results with PIYO
Amazing results with the 21Day Fix Extreme

I decided to do a little combination of these two workouts to maximize my results.  Although  I am not personally trying to achieve weight loss, I would like to tighten and tone my midsection!  (Ladies- ya feeling me?)

is shakeology safe for kids, who can drink shakeologyI was actually feeling pretty sore this week have been refueling with results and recovery this entire week. So after my workout is over I mix 1 scoop of the P90X results and recovery with 12 oz water and shake it up.  It has helped to reduce the muscle fatigue and soreness and keep up my energy level.  If you are noticing yourself bonking out after a workout then I highly recommend that you give it a try!  The other thing that has been my saving grace with nutrition is SHAKEOLOGY

So many people just think of it as a weight loss shake.  It is absolutely instrumental in losing weight but that is because it is proper nutrition in the appropriate serving size.  It serves multiple purposes for me.

  •  So it gives me the energy that I need to make it through intense workouts, it provides me with the nutrition that I am unable to get from the foods that I eat each day and it is convenient!  So when I’m out at the store and I’m starving, instead of hitting the drive thru I mix up a shake and I’m saved from fast food and bad choices!
  •   Plus its quick easy and takes care of my evening cravings for sugar.  I prefer to drink the chocolate so it’s my chocolate fix without the guilt!!!
what is piyo, piyo results, piyo transformation

I plan out my meals every week and prepare food ahead of time so I am never caught without my snacks and meals.  This week for some reason I felt the need to spice things up!  I needed a new variety and something different to eat.  So here is my meal plan choked full of some new ideas to keep me fresh.  I hope you find it helpful and insightful.

It’s easy to use the 21Day Fix Meal Plan with the Hybrid!  And the containers can be used with any workout!How awesome is that?

Here we go!!!!
WEEK ONE is underway with 35 days until Cancun!

Now only 35 Days Away!  Thanks for the free vacation Beachbody!

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