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As much as I LOVE working out, there is nothing more important than fueling my body with natural, wholesome foods.  Except on Easter.  That candy…

Chocolate covered pretzels…
Jelly beans….

Temptation is everywhere! How do you really stay focused when all you can think about is indulgence?

I am human.  I know on Easter I will allow myself a treat or two!  But I also know how easy it is to lose sight of your goals and your focus when Summer is just around the corner!

So what’s the Plan? 

Hit the Refresh Button! 
3 day refresh results, 3 day refresh, beachbody transformation

IT’S JUST 3 DAYS, so we keep it simple.

  • 3 shakes a day
  •  a fiber drink
  • plenty of filtered water,
  • plus 3 small meals and fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going. 

How do I Refresh? 

3 day refresh, easter canday detox

  1.  Start your day off with Shakeology– Packed with potent superfoods, Shakeology starts each of your days on the Refresh with Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition® to help improve and support all your body’s vital functions, while also helping to maximize energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  2. Vanilla Fresh Shakes FOR LUNCH AND DINNER This patent-pending, delicious, and protein-rich formula helps curb your hunger with more than 20 grams of wholesome plant-based protein, 22 essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics for digestive health, and a patented potato protein extract clinically tested to satisfy your appetite.*
  3. FIBER SWEEP DRINK-Gently and naturally eliminates waste from your digestive system with its patent-pending blend of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks. As part of a healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, Fiber Sweep can help lower cholesterol, support healthy blood sugar levels, and may even reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.* 
  4. PLUS 9 HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS RECIPES 9 easy-to-fix, healthy, and delicious recipes for lunch and dinner, each one packed with rich flavor that even veggie-haters will love. Then treat yourself to Refresh-friendly snacks to add a little tasty variety to every day.
    3 day diet, 3 day detox, 3 day refresh
    The refresh is a good fit for you if: 

    • You are looking to jump start your weight loss results
    • You have hit the dreaded plateau in your fitness journey
    • You want to get rid of extra bloat from one too many indulgences
    • You want a little more freedom for the rest of the month

    If any of these apply to you, let’s start working together to achieve your goals!  We can set up a refresh kit that works best for you! 

    Head over to ONE FIT FIGHTER on FACEBOOK.  Send me a private message and say, I am ready to hit the refresh button!

    I am LEADING a 3 Day Refresh Group on Wednesday, April 6th.  All orders must be placed by Friday to ensure delivery for Wednesday if you’d like to participate.  

    • The group will open Monday with an introduction to the refresh and planning tips
    • The group will provide daily accountability and motivation
    • The group will then transfer into an optional 30DAY countdown to summer plan!  Recipes, tips, motivation, workouts and more!
    Complete the application below to participate OR email me at kdursta@gmail.com

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Katy Ursta