Don’t get any ideas.  I know he’s hot!

I am an official graduate!  Today Mike and I completed day 21 of the 21 Day Fix! We’re pretty excited about our results we decided to do it ALL OVER AGAIN!

That’s the beauty of this program.  It’s easy to follow.  It isn’t a diet, so its easy to continue incorporate the skills/ basic principles long after the 21 days.

Week One
Week Two

Upon completing the program you can continue to stay in the same calorie container category or go into maintenance mode.

I am digging the abs that are popping!

Mike is continuing in the same category, and although I am not looking to lose weight,  I am staying in the same category.  However, I’ve decided to allow a little more flexibility with my yellow containers:  wine will be allowed.

My results aren’t drastic, and I am ok with that. My goal was first and foremost to complete the program.  I did that.  I did that pretty darn well.  I did allow for a cheat 2x per week as well.  (I know she says NO CHEATS… but I am human and ya know how can a girl really go to a Campaign Kick Off at Pittsburgh Winery without a teeny glass of wine?)

Saturday Morning Internet Fit Club with my Teammates


  • Increased strength.  I began the program using 5-8 pound dumbbells.  I finished week 3 using 10, 12.5, and 15 lb. 
  • Better understanding of my portions.  I know the first week I struggled with hunger.  I realized quickly that drinking enough water was critical.  I also realized that adjusting to eating more veggies and less carbs was just that:  an adjustment
  • Awareness of my eating habits.  I was a chronic picker when it came to prepping food.  I didn’t realize how often I would just eat the crust of the peanut butter jelly sandwiches for the kiddos or grab a handful of goldfish.  This helped me realize how often I actually do this!
  • Working out first thing in the morning isn’t difficult when you have an accountability partner!  

    Weight loss

    • Katy:  2.9 LBS lost 
    • Mike:  11 LBS lost 

    Unfiltered Opinion:
    As someone who has used Beachbody Programs  for over two years,  I have worked out with every Beachbody trainer.  Here are my thoughts:

    • Autumn Calabrese: is certainly a trainer who changes up the moves.  You do something different everyday, so it’s impossible to get bored.  Your working out different muscles everyday.  There is no time for boredom.30 minutes a day- DONE!  
    • WARNING:  This is totally my personal opinion… She wears not so much clothing.  Although this doesn’t bother me, and after some time I didn’t notice it, but it can be the tiniest bit, well, distracting.
    • The Modifier:  She’s easy to follow, and even though it’s an extreme workout, I did have to do my own modification for moves like push-ups.  I did some of the push ups on my knees as my arms have been jello for 21 Days. 
    • Pilates:  The red bands are more challenging than they appear!  After three weeks I noticed a big difference in my core strength and ability to add reps using the band.
    • Meal Plan:  I will be honest, some of the recipes are somewhat bland.  Incorporating spices to the foods helped a lot.  Personally the countdown to competition was not my cup of tea.  At this point, I do not think I would do it again-  I enjoy flavors of food too much!  
    • Accountability:  it matters! When following a workout like this one, having my husband do it too was a huge help.  We didn’t keep junk in the house which made it easier.  I also knew that we could push one another to stay focused throughout the 21 Days. Also being a part of a challenge group made a HUGE difference.  I checked in with my challengers daily and knew if I was ON IT, they were too!  
    • Favorite workout:  Dirty:30.  You will sweat like a beast and leave the workout room feeling like a bad ass.  You work every muscle in your body to the point of pure exhaustion. 
    • Least favorite workout:  Yoga.  I prefer to see Chalene Johnson for all things Pilates and Yoga.  Just a personal opinion!

    Although this is an “extreme”  workout, I really think that anyone willing to work hard can do this program.  It is for people looking to focus on meal planning while following a workout schedule that is only 30 minutes a day.

    I personally run month challenge groups for women who have busy lives, want results and easy to follow meal plans.  The next group begins March 9th!  We will do a week of mindset motivation and preparation before we officially begin incorporating our new workouts into our lifestyle.  I accept about 10-12 women per challenge.  Please complete the application or send me a message at

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