vacation meal plan, 3 week slim down planYa know that excitement you feel when you are three weeks away from a vacation, but the amount of “things”  that need to get done before you leave grows by the minute?

I am so there.  With 22 days until a dream, all expense paid for (yes including airfare with the help of a generous travel check courtesy of Beachbody) I am feeling the pressure of getting the list checked off!



how to meal plan, meal plan tips, katy urstaOk first let me start by saying, I am not competing in any type of fitness or bikini contest.  However, when my meal plan is more than relaxed I do not feel my best.  Eating too many sweets or processed foods make me feel less than my personal best.

Clean, wholesome foods provide with natural energy to get through list with flying colors!  So here I go!  For the next three weeks, I will be incorporating THE COUNTDOWN TO COMPETITION MEAL PLAN which consists of 2 days of a countdown plan and one day of the extreme meal plan.

Using the colored container system is fool proof.  It involves a little more focus to follow the countdown to competition plan as I will be cutting back my carbs and increasing my protein intake.

A Countdown 1,200 Calorie Target Meal Plan looks like this: 

katy ursta, coach katy ursta, beachbody katy ursta
  What my customers say about the 21 Day Fix!

Green  Containers:  3
Purple Containers:  0
Red Containers: 6
Yellow Containers: 1
Blue Containers: 0
Orange Containers: 0
Teaspoon:  3  (can replace a blue container with avocado)

A 21 Day Fix (regular) 1,200 Calorie Target Meal Plan looks like this: 
Green  Containers:  3
Purple Containers:  2
Red Containers: 4
Yellow Containers:2
Blue Containers:1
Orange Containers:1
Teaspoon:  2 

My Countdown Meals Look Like this: 

Breakfast:  Peppers, egg whites, and avocado
Snack: Oatmeal, peanut butter, shakeology
Lunch:  2 HB eggs, cucumbers, grilled chicken
Dinner:  Chicken, asparagus
Snack: Shakeology, peanut butter

countdown to competition meal plan, prep for vacation meal plan

While Completing the Countdown to Competition Meal Plan I am also completing a hybrid workout with one of my all time favorite workouts, PIYO,  a cross between pilates and yoga.  My first month schedule looks like this.

Sometimes it takes a little bit more than will power to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Sometimes it takes a coach, on your side to help you achieve those goals you’ve set for yourself.  A coach, like me is someone who is going to motivate you and inspire you to continue on your path of health and wellness.  
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