Alright I’ve got a lot to blog, but then again, I’ve always felt like I have a lot say… so tonight I am just gonna throw a lot out there!  
So when the weather is cold and we’re all bundled up, those pesky pounds can sneak up on you.  I noticed my pants were feeling a little snug and I knew I really hadn’t been extremely careful through the holiday season.  So when the new Shaun T workout was released, I decided to go all in. 
Well almost… 
Max:30 Results

Let’s star with the good, shall we?  

I just completed 8 weeks of one of the most intense workouts I’ve ever experienced.  For 8 weeks I endured the rigor if intense cardio. For 30 minutes, 5 days a week I would push play and listen to Shaun T remind me that the work is mental, that I am stronger than I know, and that it wasn’t time to me to MAX OUT!  Challenge accepted!

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My 60 Day Max:30 Transformation!

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It’s pretty good, but with all honesty, my nutrition wasn’t at it’s best.  I know my results could’ve been better had I followed a consistent meal plan…

But here’s the deal. 
When you get a transformation, it’s an opportunity to reflect on what you did well, what you could improve upon, and what your next goals should be.

21 day fix workout, 21 day fix coach, meal plan 21 day fixAs I shared in a previous blog, the 3x Fix Failure.  I knew that my next obstacle would be ALL mental.  Max:30 proved that I could endure most intense cardio workout, but I KNOW my results could have been better with a meal plan more closely followed.

You see, last year as I was writing my blog post about how to start the 21 Day Fix, I was also dealing with some major health issues.  3 days into the program, the official diagnosis came, and I was diagnosed:  Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The program brings back some tough to deal with memories, but memories nonetheless that have made me stronger.  I am not bitter about having cancer.  In fact much of the battle has been a blessing.  I worked out throughout treatment, ate relatively well, and overall the sickness from the chemo subsisded relatively quickly.

autumn calabrese workout
Working out with Autumn Calabrese:  Creator of the 21 Day Fix

There are of course side effects that linger:  shortness of breath,  some fatigue, and short term memory loss.  Other than that I feel fantastic.  I am healthier than most people my age, and I’ve made a career helping other find happiness through nutrition and sweat!

eating healthy on a budget, grocery savings tips

So back to these containers. 
I feel as though I am in a place now where I feel ready to give the containers my best.

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people who will cheer for you and be real with you.

I know that this is my time to shine.  I know that I am stronger than a few, made in china, colorful containers, and I know that there will not be another FIX FAIL on my resume.   So the first thing to do.  Get prepped! Meal planning is must as well as eliminating the junk from the pantries!

21 day fix meal plan, extreme meal plan, grocery list 21 day fix
Week One Meal Plan

Today I’m taking my pictures and measurements because your most accurate measure of progress is NOT the scale but in fact its the measurements and the pictures.  Also, the scale isn’t always accurate!  Go by how you feel, your energy level, your clothes and how they fit and throw the scale out the window!  READ THIS FOR MORE IFORMATION ABOUT WHY TAKING PICTURES IS SO IMPORTANT.

So bottom line the 21 day fix extreme is all about no cheats, no treats, workouts that push you to the max! This mentality is not one that I can take without the support of others!  My goal is to really tone my ab region but more importantly gain confidence to know that I CAN control the foods that go into my body.  It can be done!  My job is to provide you with support, accountability, guidance and tips to start and finish the program!!!  

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