My goal was NEVER to leave my classroom.

That’s what I do. That’s was my concentration in college. That was my concentration in grad school.
I was a CLASSROOM teacher for 8 years.
That’s what I understand. That’s what is natural.

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Pursuing Other Passions is Now a Full Time Opportunity!

  • I am not a marketing major.
  • I am not a salesperson.
  • I do not know a THING about “business” projections, numbers, OR finances.

I APPLIED my skills as a teacher to create an income that is NOT possible, I repeat NOT possible, as a classroom teacher.
My career isn’t in the classroom anymore.
And that’s ok. 
I am still teaching everyday. I am still using my degree in a less conventional way.
Because I am still doing what I LOVE.
It took 2 years working PART TIME as a Coach to create a FULL TIME income.

That income is NOW 3x times what I made as a teacher. And according to my husband will likely grow to 6x times by the end of 2015.

Watching my Story at a Super Saturday Event

Teaching- as a coach- is still a work of HEART.
My classroom is now bigger.
My heart is still in teaching.
You are invited to LEARN what to do, to create the same freedom. It is NOT about SELLING.
Selling is the result of sharing.
Are you teachable?
You CAN be successful.
That’s the bottom line.

So How Did this Happen?
How did I get to this point where my life has become traveling, working out with celebrity trainers? Working at home with my husband, wearing yoga pants instead of pencil skirts?  Being home with the boys?

How did I get from point A to point B?
Let’s call it the Leap of Faith Income.

how to become a beachbody coach,  successful beachbody coaches
My Outlook on Success!


Let’s face it. As stated above working full time as a teacher is a complete work of heart.  It’s absolutely fulfilling, but there are so many hours spent working and sometimes the financial benefits just aren’t there.  I am honest. It’s the truth.  Teaching is a WORK OF HEART. 

Mike and I just bought this new house and were, OK, but it was bare bones….
We had some debt.
We had A LOT of  “stuff”  we wanted, but to do it meant more credit cards.  More debt.
Mike had a great job.  We were ok. 
But I didn’t want to just be “ok.” 

The Decision
I saw a post about working out online and instead of purchasing it through a coach, because we were cutting corners, I purchased it on ebay.

Transforming: Mentally and Physically!

Insanity. .
It took me about 120 days to complete the program as opposed to the 60 according to the calendar (totally would have saved some time being a part of the challenge groups!), but I did. And once I was done, I started to give the coaching thing a little more thought. 

Why not me?
All these other coaches seem pretty normal?
I can spare an hour a day to do some work?

Leap. Of. Faith.
I said, “Why not me?”
I jumped.
I decided that I could do it too.
I had Facebook.
I had a phone.
I could (gulp) take some selfies. 

How I Became Successful:

Hubby Looks Good Too!

Success, let’s be honest never happens overnight. I chose to look at this business from the beginning as a learning opportunity.  Learn from those who are successful because it LEAVES clues.

It’s like in the classroom:
I do. You watch.
We do.
You do. I watch.


I watched what other coaches did.
I tuned in to the training.
I duplicated the same systems, tools, strategies, and methods to my business.
I repeated.

How I Spend Most Days as a Full Time Coach!

I watched.
I learned.
I did.

I still repeat.
Success is being coachable.  Success is always setting goals.  Success comes with failure.Success is a constant learning process.

Leaving the classroom was a RESULT of the choices I made, daily to grow my business.
It wasn’t the goal.
As my business continued to grow by teaching others how to do the same thing I was doing, I knew that the choice to leave the classroom was more common sense than a “goal”.

I consistently did, daily, what others would not, so that I can now say I have the freedom to do what others cannot.

My gut told me to do this.  I look back, especially at 2014, and think.  “Dang.”  What if I went through all of that and HAD to be in the classroom.  What if I was teaching through my battle and I missed the opportunity to inspire others.  What if I never took that leap of faith?  What if I gave up because if wasn’t growing fast enough?
If I hadn’t done this, the opportunity to #sweatbigger, never would have happened.

This is Why What I do, Matters.

What is Leap of Faith Income? 
From experience I can tell you that most people are too afraid of the unknown or the idea of failure to ever take a leap of faith.
Most people don’t think they have what it takes, or see my success and say “I can’t do what she’s doing”  because you see an “end”  result.
I share with my coaches how I overcome this idea and laser focus on making my goals a reality.
Leap of Faith Income is saying “I want more.  I deserve more.  I will work for more.”  It’s not selfish- it’s smart.

Summit Event in Las Vegas, Nevada

You can do this part time.  You can create a full time income.  You have the tools, and chances are, if you are reading this, you have the heart to do this.

How Can I Collect More Information? 

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I will be running a 5 day behind the scenes, EMAIL SNEAK PEEK look into my business starting Monday February 23rd if you would like to know more about coaching on my team!  You and I will converse via email for 5 days and I will give you a little snapshot of what I do and how I create income! Please email me at to participate and get the emails!

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I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully welcoming you to our team, The Knockout Brigade.  It’s a team filled with heart and hustle.  We work hard.  We play hard. We live with passion.
We take the leap of faith.
Will you?

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Katy Ursta