21 day fix extreme, 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme testimonial, 21 day fix meal plansWeek one is officially IN. THE. BAG!

And there were 0 cheats!  None.  Nada.  Zero. Zip.  Ziltch!

I have to tell you.  I am feeling freaking amazing!!!! Loving this program.  There’s a couple things that I want to address in this post.

1.  My thoughts on the meal plan.
2.  My thoughts on the workouts.
3. My thoughts on the results.

21 day fix how to start, 21 day fix extreme guide, 21 day fix testimonial

Ok.  First let’s talk about the meal plan.  

One thing that I knew I had to do to be successful with the program is sit down on Sunday afternoon and plan out my meals for the week. You are given an entire meal planning system with a fool proof way of calculating your caloric needs.  After you’ve calculated your needs you use the calorie chart that corresponds with your calorie target.  Sounds complicated, right?  Wrong! It’s so easy to follow!

21 day fix snack ideas, 21 day fix extreme snack ideas 

The Fix Extreme gives you 3 different approaches to achieving your results through the meal planning.
1.  Fix Extreme Meal Plan
2. Countdown to Competition Meal Plan
3.  The Fix Extreme Meal Plan with the last three days of Countdown.

Mike and I decided to go with the first option!

21 day fix extreme snack ideas, 21 day fix meal plans, 21 day fix exteme meal plansSo we set ourselves up for success by first creating a meal plan that was easy to follow and straightforward our first week.  I learned that I need to stretch out my YELLOW Carbs throughout the day, as I found eating them too early made me hungry!  I also found that zucchini and squash are a great alternative to pasta and even a cravings buster for potato chips.

I still get to drink my coffee with just a splash of skim milk!  One thing I want to work on for week two is my water intake!

I even tried out two new recipes this week:
#21 DFX Mini Veggie Egg Cups 
#21DFX Cashew ‘n’ Oats Hotcakes

How about those workouts?
beachbody coach cancer survivor, cancer survivor workoutsThe workouts are intense.  You are using weights throughout the workouts, so your heart rate is constantly climbing!  For most of the workouts I use 5-8 lb dumbbells.   Some of the lower body workouts I use 10-12 lb dumbbells!  I also use resistance bands.

So far my favorite workout is Dirty:30.  A combination of resistance training and cardio that targets all major muscles!  To say it’s extreme is an understatement!

I’ve been doing some BLOGGING of my 21 Day Fix Journey on my LIKE PAGE!  Check it out! 

This is one that I am really excited about! Check it out!

As I complete the first week of workouts and I make minor adjustments to my meal plans I am beyond excited about the results that I am seeing

1. I have lost 3 pounds. 
2. I am starting to feel more energy from fueling my body with nutrient dense foods.
3. Water intake is key to staving off hunger

My Week 2 Meal Plan Looks like this!

21 day fix meal plan, fix extreme meal plan, 21 day fix coach

Cannot wait to crush my goals this week! I made a few adjustments to the meal plan by switching around when I eat my carbs!  So looking forward to another opportunity to push play and get one step closer to pushing past my plateau!

Katy Ursta