The Knockout Brigade:  Started with 1 Coach- we are now over 800+ strong!

Monday Morning.


As a coach,  I participate quarterly in a training event called “Super Saturday.” The event is held ALL over the country and is a training opportunity for all coaches in the company to network, learn, grow, share, and workout together.

The Historic Omni William Penn welcomed 1,000 guests to the event.

Super Workout with Autumn Calabrese

This year, my coach was honored as The 2014 Top Coach in the organization and CEO, Carl Daikeler came to Pittsburgh to help us celebrate The Dream Team’s achievement. He brought along 21 Day Fix Creator, Autumn Calabrese to give us a little sneak peek into her new workout:  The 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Friday night was a celebration that we extended over the weekend.  Saturday Morning I participated in The Dream Team Live:  a training opportunity created by the top coaches in the organization.  I spoke on sharing your story.

Speaking about my Story

In the evening, Mike and I took all of my personally sponsored diamonds and their spouses to Eddie Merlot’s Steakhouse to celebrate their incredible leadership and growth throughout 2014.

The night ended with a continued celebration at Perle, a local night club, to party with the rest of the team!

I decided the best way to blog this, is to just give you pictures.  Lots of them!  To capture the awesomeness of this weekend.

Heather Weiner was missed! She was Representin’ KB in FL!

Ya know,  when I signed as a coach, I had no clue what I was doing.  I didn’t understand the whole “Shakeology” thing, but I just really loved surrounding myself with positive people, with people who believed in me, and people who were holding me accountable.  I’ve had my ups and downs, my moments of doubt, but my belief has always carried me through.  Sometimes you just have this gut feeling that there is something bigger out there for you.

As you look through the pictures, ask yourself this one question, “Why not me?”

Thank you for the reminder, Carl.
Your Story Can Inspire.  Will You Tell it?

Why not design a life you love?  Why not take a chance on something that could be unbelievable? Why not you?

Seriously.  Why the hell not you?

Blessed to Have my Family and Their Support

If you believe coaching is something that you want to be a part of, I am enrolling 8 new coaches this month.  Please complete the application at the end of this blog post, and let’s start talking about this new adventure.
*Non coaches only please. 

Katy Ursta