So I just opened my new workout Max:30 that I am set to start on Monday.  Although it arrived this week, I really wanted to take some time to work out my nutritional plan.  This has always been a struggle for me.  I don’t mind rigorous workouts, but usually when I follow a meal plan I feel deprived.  I want to be able to enjoy food- not just see it is as nourishment for my body.  (If you grew up living on pasta , you’d feel the same way!)

What I am loving about Nutrition to the Max ( the full nutrition guide that comes with the workout) is that it isn’t a diet or a fad.  It’s based on the concept of portion eating which is a skill that, once learned, can be used all the time.

I also love that the foods in the guide are surprisingly simple BUT the guide also explains the concept of balance.  Hey, we all need that glass of vino from time to time, right?

Setting yourself up for Nutritional Success
1.  The first thing to do is determine which meal plan to follow. Plan A or Plan B.
Plan A < 150 lbs
Plan B > 150 lbs

max30 meal plan


max30 grocery list2.  Then using the meal plan you were given, you use the daily food chart to see what foods you are allowed to eat each day and how many servings.

3.  Eat 5 meals a day!  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks!  Sometimes I sneak a little extra in there.  Green tea is a great evening option and popcorn is also a great way to cut back on the cravings!

The Nutritional Guide provides a ton of examples to keep things spiced up- even your water will be kicked up a notch!  And yay for not having to give up my morning cup of coffee! More recipes available here!

Taking those BEFORE Pictures

I know. I know. A lot of people talk about the dreaded pictures and some people never actually take them.  If there is one thing I must absolutely, without a doubt tell you again and again YOU MUST DO THIS.  Here’s the deal-  the program works.  Follow the meal plan. Follow the workout schedule and you will see results.  Too often though we depend on the scale as our only measurement of success.  

  • Pictures
  • Measurements 
  • Scale

Use all three of these systems to really judge your results upon completion.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

 Schedule Your Workouts

Just like you schedule a doctor’s appointment for your health, schedule your workouts.  Look at your calendar for the week and determine the best possible time to workout when nothing in life will interfere.  For me, my workouts take place at 5 am before my kids and husband wake up.  I love too starting off my day burning off calories and setting myself up for success, but everyone is different.

Remember too Saturday and Sunday are your rest days in the program, but that doesn’t mean it’s a time to be lax with your nutrition!

Get Support
Shaun T’s workouts are NO JOKE! They are difficult.  They challenge you mentally and physically.  The one thing that has helped me through all of his programs is the accountability I get through working in a challenge group.

accountability groups, challenge groups, beachbody challenge

If you are beginning this program, don’t do it alone! Let’s get you signed up with a free account with me as your coach so that I can provide motivation, tips, recipes and accountability to get you results faster and better than you ever thought possible. CLICK HERE!

Have a great day everyone!

Katy Ursta