It’s the truth.
I know.  It’s really hard for even me to admit, but we all fail at something right? My failure just happens to be something that most others seem to effortlessly succeed at.

The 21 Day Fix. 
As a coach, this has been the most popular item to date.  It flew off shelves, and the transformations have been some of the most jaw-dropping in the company’s history.  My own customers have told me how easy it was to follow.  They felt amazing after 21 days, and they were able to build solid foundation for a more healthy lifestyle.

Awesome, right?
For them. 

First Attempt:
February 10th.  2 Days complete and then I received the word that I had cancer.  Needless to say, my first attempt was a fail.

Second Attempt:
May 19th
 I tried to complete the 21 Day Fix while going through treatment.  Epic fail.

Third Attempt:
November 3rd
One should never attempt a portion control program on their birthday  (especially a birthday that you didn’t even know if you’d be here to celebrate). Although, by my third attempt I came to the realization that being successful with the program really was mental.

You see, along with the program came a lot of emotion. Even looking at the containers sometimes reminds me of one of the worst days I’ve ever had, and I start to really think about the impact it’s had on me.

Today I talked to one of my customers who had extremely amazing results with the program . She reminded me that although the association thing is kinda tough, I’ve overcome a lot more than a few containers.  If I can combat cancer.. I can certainly win a few containers.

So with a smile on my face and Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again Anthem in my head.

I will attempt and succeed at using the 21 Day Fix while Maxing Out with Shaun T. 

It’s me.  A few containers.  An anthem.  And a workout called Max:30.  (Yep working out with my boy Shaun T because I enjoy the view.  My husband begs to differ.)

One more time.  100% confident that I can use the containers for not just 21 days, but 60 until it truly becomes a habit.  Ya know sometimes we tell ourselves over and over, ” I can’t do that, or I can’t be successful because it’s too hard for me.” But really, it’s mental.  You can achieve anything you truly believe.

Insert Whitesnake and Glorious Rock Hair Here…. 

And I WILL BE READY FOR EXTREME IN FEBRUARY. WILL YOU?  If you are interested in participating in any of my upcoming challenges, please complete the application below.

Oh! And a little sneak peek of the EXTREME workout.

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Katy Ursta