This is one of the biggest questions my challengers ask when they are about to start their weight loss journey.  I get it- ALL. THE. TIME!

But I also “get it.” I mean who really ever wants to take the “before” pictures.  The answer NOBODY.  It’s kinda like when you are in a dressing room and the mirrors are of every unglamorous angle possible, not to mention the lighting…

Whether you are looking to tone up, move the scale, or simply trim down the waistline, before pictures are a MUST but only if you are SERIOUS about results.  Here’s why:

1. Accountability– I mean really have you ever analyzed your before shots?  Sometimes we get so comfortable in our loose clothing, we never even know just how far off course we’ve gotten.  When you check yourself out in the pictures, it isn’t meant to make you feel insecure.  Instead, use it as the fire to really get your goals started.  Pictures don’t lie.  I do caution however to not compare yourself to anyone else.  Instead compare the pictures only to the best version of yourself.

2.  Accuracy– The Scale doesn’t always move.  That’s right.  Believe it or not the scale isn’t the only way to gauge success. In fact, it’s likely the most inaccurate.  Depending on the time of day (or month for that matter) you reason with the scale it can really fluctuate! To be honest, I don’t even use one.

3. Motivation-  My before pictures elicit an emotion. When those pictures are in the forefront of my mind it become easier to remember the goals that I’ve set for myself and why I am trying to achieve them.  It’s a reminder that I would rather have long term benefits at the cost of a few short term sacrifices.

Post Baby Transformation

4. THE “AHHHH I DID IT” Factor-  Not only do these pictures serve as motivation and accountability, but there is such a feeling of achievement when you look back at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve accomplished.  So whether you are following a 21, 30 , 60, or 90 day program, it is so important to take those shots so you can really SEE, not just feel the difference!

Progress doesn’t always mean weight loss.

Before and afters aren’t just to show weight loss. Check out my PIYO results.  These results were met when I completed 12 rounds of chemotherapy.  Here is a link to my progress results.

So take a minute and ask yourself:

  • Am I serious about results? 
  • Do I hold myself accountable? 
  • Is my new year’s resolution long term or just a band aid? 
My Newest Transformation:  Currently Underway!

Are you interested in taking those “before” shots and nailing down the “after?” I included my personal before pictures for my newest workout- Max:30.  Taking these pictures was an extremely humbling experience for me.  I’ve really been able to reflect on some of my habits and my struggles.  It’s truly a journey.  There isn’t an end destination though. You have to continue to fuel your body with good food and move your muscles.

It is my job to help people like you achieve results.  I would love to begin working with you to achieve your personal goals for long term success.  It’s more than a picture… it’s a goodbye to bad habits and unhappiness.  It’s hello to new opportunities and comfort in your own skin.


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Katy Ursta