Most people who know me know I LOVE CAKE.  When it comes to eating clean, I can avoid a lot of other temptations, but when it comes to cake, all bets are off. 

For my 32nd birthday, Mike asked what kind of cake I wanted.  This was a completely loaded question.  Of all cakes, this is probably the most symbolic one I will ever eat.

Little Fact for you:
I’ve become, in the past 32 years, somewhat of a cake connoisseur.  When at weddings, I can tell you specific ingredients in the cake based on flavors. Sugar?  Type of flour?  Artificial or Natural Flavorings?  Cooked at what temperature?  Box or Scratch?   Wine enthusiasts will sift sniff and taste.  I apply the same concept to cake.  Mike knows when we go to weddings, as much excitement about the nuptials or the gown, for me,  is applied to the cake. 

But Here’s the Deal:
Over the couple years, I have truly taken control of my health.  I eat clean, I workout, and I read a lot of personal development.  I lead a pretty fulfilling life:  mentally and physically.  But when it comes to cake, all control is thrown out the window. 

I used to think this was a bad thing.  As a coach, I am supposed to be the image of health and happiness.  I need to show control.  I need to set an example. 
For the most part I do.
But LIFE is all about mastering the art of living.  Eating cake means that I am living.  It is something I love.  I won’t sacrifice it.  I won’t shake my head politely and say, “No.”

I will always eat the cake.
Does that make me a bad coach? 

I Just Don’t Think It Does:
 I think what makes a good coach is the ability to inspire others. The ability to face obstacles head on and admit defeat.  I am completely aware that eating cake isn’t the best choice when trying to achieve my goals, but neither is deprivation. 
I just gotta keep being the coach that keeps it real. Because ya know at the end of the day, nobody relates to perfection.  What you see is what you get.

So As For the Cake:
It doesn’t matter how old you are.  If you are reading this, you are blessed to have celebrated a birthday or thirty or fifty or more. When I blew out the candles last night, surrounded my closest family, I took a deep breath in and thanked god for gifting me 31 years.  31 amazing years filled with love, struggles, hope, and strength.  It’s so easy to take for granted the days we are gifted, the privilege of another day.  Birthdays are, simply stated, THE GIFT. 

So as a health coach, who for the last 9 months, has been anything but the image of perfect health, I enjoyed my  $18 butter cream, artificially vanilla flavored cake from COSTCO- guilt free.

OH! And thank you for being a part of my incredible year, and for understanding why, even though my health is a priority a girl’s just gotta eat cake.  

I said to Mike:  “You see.  It’s not about the cake.  It’s that I am here to eat the cake.”

Thank you for gifting me with another birthday. 32 is going to be beautiful.

Always, always eat the cake. XOXO

Katy Ursta