So the last few weeks have been so busy with work and holidays and a birthday celebration that I haven’t been able to sit down and write about something I’ve received a lot of questions about.  Recently you may have noticed my timeline has had posts about star diamond qualifications and if you aren’t a Beachbody Coach, you might be  wondering what’s that all about anyways?

Some of you who follow my blog know me as a mom, as a fitness lover, and my most recent role, a cancer survivor.  Recently, after a lot of prayer and reflection, I made the choice to leave the classroom and pursue coaching as a mobile business full time.  Many people were surprised by this choice, but I really don’t think I had much of a choice.  I’ve always felt a passion for helping others.  Now I work part time as a coach and have a full time income to support our family.

I was able to create the income while my life was in a state of craziness, business, and unpredictability.  The full time income was built:

  1. Working full time as a 7th grade
  2. Dedicating about 10-15 hours a week to the business 
  3. Taking care of my son Nick, who was 2 when I started
  4. Through pregnancy with D
  5. Through 9 months of rigorous chemotherapy

Coaching allowed me to be flexible with my time.  I was able to create a stable organization through hard work and the help of an unbelievably supportive, kind, innovative team.  Through their leadership we are working towards a HUGE milestone in the business.We are #94 in the company and an 8 Star Qualifying Team!

So 27 months after deciding to be a coach I have started this blog, helped over 200 people transform their lives with health and fitness, sponsored over 35 coaches and have over 600 coaches in my organization right now! What was once just a teacher kinda figuring out the whole social media thing is now THE  KNOCKOUT BRIGADE!
SO today I wanted to take a minute to shout out some of my leaders for all of their hard work.

What is the KNOCKOUT BRIGADE?  The Brigade is the team I created to provide my team with the tools, tips and strategies to build a business and be a successful entrepreneur just like myself.  I have created a system that is easy to duplicate along with a coach apprenticeship program to start every coach out with the support they need to be successful.  You just don’t become a coach and magically become successful.  It’s all about leading by example and with heart. My goal is to teach other people that they don’t need a background in marketing, health and fitness or sales to be successful.  You just have to have the will to learn and the drive to push through any situation that life throws at you! I honestly LOVE my TEAM and I’m so blessed by each and every person on my team!
Getting to this point in the business cannot be done alone.  It is done through hard work, consistency, trial and error, mistakes, failures, but always, always a never give up attitude. There are eight current leaders that I have personally sponsored that absolutely need to be recognized for their hard work.  
Kirsten Nuss–  Kirsten is currently a 2 Star Diamond Coach, Insanity Trainer, and recently retired occupational therapist.  This year Kirsten decided to retire from her day job to pursue coaching full time.  She too was able to create a full time income on part time work.  Her energy and passion is contagious and she is never afraid to set big goals!  Check her out!
Sarah Phillips–  Sarah is an amazing mom, a Star Diamond Coach, and honestly one of the most thoughtful people I’ve ever met.  Sarah is constantly working with others and putting their needs before her own. She is the definition of selfless and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her as a leader on the team. Check her out here.
Lauren DeHaven:  Lauren is a Diamond Coach, a mom, a Ultimate Reset guru and her latest accomplishment:  NPC Bikini Competitor! She is naturally goal driven and is focused on always helping her team grow by always first setting the example! She is setting some huge goals for the rest of the year and taking Beachbody by storm! Learn more about Lauren!
Lindsey Stover- This beautiful mom has an amazing transformation story. She’s lost over 60 pounds and is now paying it forward to others.  She’s no longer the shy mom of two.  She’s a rockstar Star Diamond Coach who is able to share her personal struggles with others to inspire them on their own  health and fitness journey! Lindsey has a blog too!  

Michalene Cerqua–  21 Day Fix Transformation Success Story, mom of two,  and guru of all things FIX approved this woman is a natural CEO. She sets goals that are high and stops at nothing to get the work done. Give this girl and goal and it is getting done!  #goaldigger!  Michalene also has a fantastic blog! Check it out!
Christina Herrle–  AMAZING transformation, mom of Rosa, and woman with a heart of gold.  I sometimes have to smile to think of everything this woman has accomplished in her year as a coach.  She’s currently a  Diamond Coach and is aiming her sites as Star Diamond for 2015!  What an amazing woman and friend!  Reach out to her on Facebook!
Christina Thomas–  Diamond Coach, Mom of two, $500 Beachbody transformation winner, oh and cancer survivor.  She’s the full package! Amazing, kind-hearted and a coach that truly leads by example.hrough treatment she was my go to because she got kinda got it.  I am so blessed by her friendship. Oh and this chicky is well on her way to Star Diamond too!  I am so proud of this woman.  Check out her awesome website!
Taylor Molitierno– Diamond Coach, LLS Fundraiser, woman with a heart of gold.  I could not be more proud of the newest diamond on The Knockout Brigade.  Taylor, you are truly a blessing in my life.  Thanks for the wonderful friendship and support.  This is so well deserved!  Check Taylor’s story here!
I often think about how these women have impacted my life, how these women make me want to be a better leader.  The truth is I GROW because of them.  I am empowered because of them.  They, daily, inspire me.  
You see, 8 Star Diamond sounds pretty.  It’s nice.  But really, I am nothing without their friendship, their leadership, and their constant support.  Truly I am blessed to have the title 8 Star because of the members and leaders of The Knockout Brigade. 
Are you interested in Becoming a Coach on our  team??  I am about to launch a Coach Apprenticeship program on December 1st for new coaches on my team!!  If you would like more information on becoming a coach please complete the application below to be considered for a space on my team!!  If you have that feeling in your stomach that this is something you MIGHT be really good at then you have to act on it!  I was the same way and I just knew I was meant to do something great with my life!  What is your purpose?  What is your DRIVE?  What makes you get up every morning and LIVE your LIFE??
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Katy Ursta