Indulge in Comfort Food!

It’s the most feared holiday of the year for people who are looking to trim their waistline, maintain their healthy lifestyle or simply avoid a crazy sugar high!  Temptation is everywhere:  sugar loaded pumpkin everything, candy at every turn, yummy comfort food- you name it, it’s there!

So how in the world do you stay focused?  How do avoid the temptation?  I am gonna share with you five tips I use to get me through the holdiay season.  These tips are great for Halloween, but they are perfect as we embark on the entire holiday season.

Find Alternatives!

1.  Love it? Don’t buy it!
Ok unless you have WILL POWER of a superhero, don’t buy your favorite sweet treat!  It’s going to stare you in the face until you can no longer handle the temptation!  Think about what doesn’t tempt you.  For example,  I don’t like chips, so it’s easy to hand out something that doesn’t tempt me (especially if there are leftovers!)  Another option is to hand out something that isn’t sweet:  kids love glow sticks, fun, crazy pencils and erasers or even fun stickers!

2.  Exercise
I know that there will be times I indulge my sweet tooth.  And I hate feeling guilty about it! So instead I make sure I schedule time into my day to workout and I turn up the intensity.  Along with my favorite routine, I add some cardio or ab work.  Go to PINTEREST and check out workout routines!! There are awesome ideas!  It’s a great way to stay focused but it’s also a great way to  avoid that guilt that comes with enjoying a treat once in awhile.  Schedule it.  Stick to it.  Crush it! 

3.  Find Healthy Alternatives 

Don’t Feel Deprived!

When it comes to fall, I love comfort foods.  Unfortunately most of my favorites are loaded with fat and calories, so I started looking for alternatives to my favorite recipes.  Here are a few of my favorite!
PIZZA–  It used to be a tradition to eat pizza Friday nights, now our family enjoys time in the kitchen making this or pita pizza!
SOUL FOOD–  Bust out the crock pot and check this one out! Add a little Greek yogurt or a little mild cheese for some guilt free comfort!
SUNDAY NIGHT SPAGHETTI DINNER– I was hesitant to cook with squash, but it is delicious and the kids LOVE it too!
FOR THE SWEET TOOTH!–  Snuggle by the fireside with this delightful treat.  Its a little messy, but it’s awesome.  (It’s a little bit of a cheat!)

4. Drink Shakeology!  It keeps the cravings away and the recipes are awesome!  There are tons of ways to combat the Halloween Sweets and get 5 salads in a serving.  And I actually save money drinking it!  SEE HOW!

5.  Get that extra accountability!  Join an accountability group to keep yourself on track through the holidays and load up on lots of tips that will leave you ready to CRUSH your health and fitness goals!
Halloween Smack Down!
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Katy Ursta