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I am in flight right now.  On my way home from a Leadership Retreat held in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I feel blessed. My heart is full, and my mind is spinning with the opportunities and the growth that is going to happen on my team.   Headphones are on, Aloe Blaac “I’m the Man”  playing, tears in my eyes because it’s time.  It’s time to spread my wings and fly.  It’s time to leave ordinary and go for extraordinary.  I’m scared.  It’s a risk.  But I am going for it.

As many people know I am passionate about my career as a coach.  For me, the transition into a full time coach came only after my personal struggles were turned into an inspiration for others.  Coaching isn’t about a product- it’s about hope. 
beachbody coach with cancer
You see I am not an image of complete health.  I am in remission from a stage four cancer diagnosis.  I am not where I want to be in terms of my health and fitness level, but I think what makes me a good coach is my ability to share my story, my ability to turn my mess into my masterpiece.  Ya know if you really think that success is for someone else, I am here to tell you, you are wrong.  Success comes with failure, vulnerability, risk, and heart.  Above all heart.

So What is the Leadership Retreat?

21 day extreme
Yep.  We’re weird.

The Leadership Retreat was a 4 day all-expense paid for trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for coaches with a lifetime rank of 2 Star and above to develop their leadership skills, learn from other top coaches in the business,  hear success stories,  listen to keynote speakers (Dewitt Jones, National Geographic), and participate in team building activities, and of course celebrity workouts.  On top of that, it was also a sneak peek into the future plans of the company, growth trajectory (mind blowing) and the newest products being released.

Beachbody treats their leaders like royalty.  They  truly roll out the red carpet- providing us with sneak peek workouts,  incredibly thoughtful gifts, parties, but most importantly trainings to pay forward to our teams so that they can grow. 

beachbody gifts to coaches

So What Is New?  What’s in the Works?

P90 , new tony horton workout, wounded warrior donations 

September 23rd: 

P90 will be hitting shelves.  This program is designed from the one and only Tony Horton- creator of the extreme home workouts like P90X.  Tony wanted to create a program for the millions of Americans who are intimidated by the extreme but need to start somewhere.   This program was designed with the beginner in mind.  You start simple- you nail down the moves and then you build.  It’s a program for anyone who’s ready to begin to make their health a priority- at any level.  It can be used as a program to supplement your current workout, or to begin a new routine after recovering from health issues. 
max30, new shaun t workout
Hanging with Shaun T!

A few months ago, Tony Horton lost his father suddenly.  Upon his death, Tony learned that his father gave monthly to The Wounded Warriors Project.  Beachbody was touched by the selfless giving of this man, and in memory, Beachbody will be donating $5 from each P90 sale to the project (September 23rd– October 31st).

December 2014
It’s finally coming.  All of those fans of Insanity- it’s here.  Maxed out!  From the maker of Insanity, Shaun T, he has brought you round two.  It’s not quite the Insanity we are used to:  he developed 150 new moves and squeezed it into a 30 minute tabata style workout.  What does that mean?  It means that you go hard for 30 minutes (no breaks) until you literally “Max Out.”  
This time he’s put in the modifications and cut down the warm up and stretch time to make sure you are maximizing the most calories burned in a 30 minute session.

insanity part two
December 2014:  Max Out!
How many people own a copy of Insanity?  Millions right?  But how many people actually completed the program?  No so many, huh?  That’s why getting hooked up with a coach is ESSENTIAL.  If you are serious about getting results, if you are serious about giving the program 100%, then don’t go at it alone. 
new shaun t workout
Workout Like Shaun T is watching!

Let’s do this one together, shall we?  Get on the list.  Get in the group.  Let’s get on it.
February 2015
21 day extreme
Morning Sweat with Autumn!

Autumn is taking it up a notch.  In February, the creator of the 21 Day Fix, is bringing us the 21 Day Fix Extreme:  created as an enrichment to the 21 Day Fix. So many people were seeing amazing results with the 21 Day Fix, but after a few rounds, results were plateauing and a push was needed.  That push is coming! Stay tuned. 

Sharing my Story
I was honored, truly to share my story of overcoming obstacles on stage in front of about 500 people.   I don’t get nervous speaking in front of people, but I think in preparing to speak, I was most nervous about trying to inspire a room filled with already extremely motivated individual.  Coming away from the experience, I can tell you this:  Everyone’s got something.  We all have reasons not to go for our dreams.  We have obstacles we face daily.  We have struggles.  But when you set out to succeed when everyone else would understand if you failed- I think that’s what makes you exceptional. 

Coaching isn’t for everyone.  But I can tell you this. It’s changed my life.  Take the road less traveled is never an easy choice.  There are bumps.   There are twists, There are turns.  You’ll get lost more than once.  But it really isn’t about the destination;  it’s about the journey. 
Speaking About Making a Mess Into a Masterpiece

I would be HONORED to travel the path with you.  I will happily share the tools for success that I’ve used.  I will share my secrets to success, my trainings, my documents.   But if you aren’t willing to work, it’s not a trip you want to take.  If you aren’t willing to fail often, you will not enjoy the journey.   Most importantly, if you aren’t willing to help others achieve their goals and put their needs first- The Knockout Brigade  IS NOT a good fit for you.  

katy ursta beachbody coach

But here’s the truth. 
Ask me if it’s worth it.  Ask me if I believe with my entire being that I can change the world- one person at a time.  Ask me if every obstacle, every struggle, every failure, has helped mold me into the leader I am becoming. 
21 day extreme workout

Ask me- if and only if you are willing to take risks, work creatively with others, accept failure, embrace change, and open the window of opportunity. 
Application is below.  Here’s your opportunity.
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