couples weight loss
Are you ready to rock your relationship?

I am so excited to announce that Mike and I decided it’s time co-run a couple’s challenge.  Over the past two years, Mike and I have made our health an absolute priority.  We work out, we eat clean (with treats in between), and we make time for one another.  It’s true:  the couple that SWEATS together STAYS together!

Here’s a little bit about our journey. 

In November of 2011 I purchased Insanity off of an infomercial.  I had slowly started to gain weight after giving birth to my first son, Nick and wanted to take it off! I checked out P90X as well and decided that was just too hard (Seriously, looking back.. I was totally wrong about this) It was a little expensive, so I looked at it like an investment.  I was going to give it my all.  I was going to make sure the investment paid off and my results were as awesome as the ones I saw on the infomercial!  I sweat.  I worked hard.  I sweat some more and after two rounds I asked Mike to give it a whirl too!!! 

couples weight loss transformation
Before kids and after kids: Yes, it’s totally possible!

After two rounds, we made some huge adjustments to our diet-  ENTER KITCHEN OVERHAUL–  and we were really seeing progress.  Not only did we lose a combined 50 pounds…THAT’S RIGHT 50 POUNDS,   but we gained a lot in our marriage.

couples weight loss transformation
Punching Cancer in the face and making health a priority!

We were making an investment in our health and we both felt GREAT!
We had more energy to play with Nick.  We felt more confident in our own skin.  We were truly more connected than we ever have been!

We created the foundation of a rock solid relationship- through hard work, persistence, sweat,  and accountability. AND NOW WE ARE GIVING YOU THE SAME TOOLS!!!

So What is this Couple’s Challenge, anyway?!?

Here’s how it works:  as a couple you select a challenge pack.  A challenge pack is your essential toolkit for LONG TERM success. 
Mike and I highly suggest P90X3 Challenge Pack or T25 Challenge Pack.  Feel free to message either of us for more details about each workout. We have done them all!

Each challenge pack includes:

  • Your workout
  • Meal plan
  • First month of shakeology (you select the flavor), 
  • Daily accountability and motivation from us, your coaches.   

In some cases, couples select different workouts- this is completely your choice and Mike and I will help you select the workout that is going to best fit your goals! 

You will be added, as a couple, to a closed group on FACEBOOK to received tips, recipes, meal plans, motivation and the essentials for understanding how to rock results LONG TERM!

Together you will workout (Mike and I workout together when we can, but sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow it!),  you will complete a kitchen overhaul, and push one another to reach your own weight-loss goals.  Mike and I will also be sharing some of the obstacles we’ve faced, our tips for overcoming them, and the specific benefits we’ve seen by creating this lifestyle together.  

If you would like to be added to this group,  CLICK HERE! 
If you would like to be added to the group but need more information, CLICK HERE!

couples weight loss transformation
Who’s Gonna Sweat With Us ?  Click Here!

We are looking forward to sweating with you!

Katy and Mike

Katy Ursta