crazy workout pantsThat’s a wrap folks!  I cannot believe I have completed the entire PIYO program already. I am in love and I don’t care who knows it.
That. Was. Awesome.
Ya know what else was awesome?  My results.  Boo- ya!

Alright I am clowning around a little but it has been an awesome week.  Why?  Because not only did I complete PIYO from start to finish but I also punched cancer right in the face.  On Monday August 18th, I had my final chemotherapy treatment.  12 rounds and I got the knockout.  

I am so excited for the journey ahead, but I have to take some time to give you my REAL thoughts on PIYO.

Isn’t PIYO ONLY for Beginners??? 

HECK NO!  PIYO is a great program for all levels of fitness. It’s low impact, high intensity.  You will sweat.  You will be uncomfortable.  You will possibly curse at the TV more than once.  BUT (and speaking of BUT mine is feelin’ it after PIYO),  the results are undeniable. It is the perfect workout for anyone looking to MOVE IT MOVE IT.  Cardio queens and beast buffs will absolutely see results from the resistance training for sure.

Katy’s FAVORITE THINGS (say like Oprah; it sounds cooler).
1.  Flexibility
2.  Strength
3. Breathing
4.  Chalene Johnson’s one liners-“You better work” is among my favorites.

So during my final two months of chemo, I noticed a huge change in my strength.  The drugs were beginning to take a toll on me, and physically I was started to feel truly fatigued.  Through PIYO I was able to focus on my breathing and stretching:  ideal for anyone needing to mediate and relax.

piyo workout reviews
Pin it if you could scream each time you hear: “And Beast!”

It’s hard to put into words the impact this workout has had on me. I am a firm believer that once you put your mind to something, your body can achieve it.  I wasn’t setting out to have an amazing jaw-dropping transformation, I was doing PIYO 100% for me.  I NEEDED to be stronger for treatments. I needed to maintain as much energy as possible for my children.  Working out was not about results-  it was about maintaining my BEST  life.  It’s all about perspective really.  Perhaps the question is can your truly afford not to invest in your health?  My answer- always, NO.

Cue the results, please!!!

piyo female transformation
Oh cancer, that’s so cute that you thought you could stop me.  Idiot.

I knew going into it that I would have to be careful with my meal planning because I was under strict instructions not to gain or lose weight.

I wanted to see results but the scale was not allowed to make any changes.  (Which, honestly, is cool because I hate the scale).  I saw major changes.  Pictures do not lie friends.  Do you see it too?
fun workout tees
So what’s next for this cancer survivor?  I think now is a good time to put it into BEAST MODE, don’t you think?

Diagnosed and not sure if you should workout?  Click here. 

So when are you gonna get to work. When are you ready to make your health your top priority? 

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Katy Ursta