tip of the dayHey friends! I realized this week that I haven’t given an update on my PIYO Progress.  As I write this, I am beginning Week 7of my PIYO journey which means that I am less than two weeks from completing what could be my favorite Beachbody program!

piyo meal plan, clean eating meal plan


Crazy, right?  I finish PIYO the same week I finish chemotherapy treatments.  And I am already wondering what in the world will be my next journey.  Hmmmm….suggestions!?!?!

So here are some reasons I LOVE PIYO:
1.  I am seeing crazy results especially in my core. 
2.  My strength has increased
3.  Holy flexibility
4.  It does a body good to switch up the routine! 
5.  Um no jumping or intense cardio BUT amazing results

Who do I recommend this program to? 

piyo meal plan, clea eating meal plan

1.  Anyone looking to change it up
2.  Anyone looking to START a program
3. Anyone
4. Anyone
5. Anyone

LOL.  You get the idea right! I think my favorite workout is SWEAT.  Sweat, is a 36 minute workout that mixes upper, lower and core work.  I leave my “gym” knowing  I got in a killer workout.  And each time I do this workout, I notice small changes in my strength.  I can hold a pose a little longer.  I can dig a little deeper into my stretch.  It’s awesome to see improvements like this!

living with cancer

On a more personal note, 12 rounds of chemotherapy are not easy.  It takes a toll on your strength, your mindset, and your body.  It isn’t easy to complete a workout program, but in reality, if I can do it…WHY CAN’T YOU. 
living with cancer
Sometimes we need to hush that voice in our mind that says we can’t.  We need to quiet the excuses and focus on our WHY.  I could’ve viewed these last seven months as a setback and used it as a chance to slack.  Instead, I embraced it. I set goals.  I went for it. On more than once occasion I cried because I just couldn’t do what I once could.  But I picked myself up- quit the pity party and kept going. 

Your journey to health and wellness isn’t a straight shot.  There are bumps and twists and turns.  There are setbacks.  But look at the BIG picture.  I am stronger today than I was seven months ago:  mentally and physically. Do you quit when you don’t see results fast enough or do you use it as motivation to push harder?

Stay tuned for my results!!! 

To see my progress and meal plans for PIYO click the links below:

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